Tablet PCs are turning into must-have items for anyone interested in having them as gadgets for everyday use. This great demand for tablets is due to the gadgets’ impressive set of features, as tablets can have great processing power and so much more. But the main advantage of the tablets is that they are portable – much more portable when compared to laptops or even netbooks.

With so many tablet PCs on sale throughout the world today, there are a number that truly stand out from the rest of the entire tablet line-up. Here are ten of the top tablet PCs reviewed favorably by the online tech site TechRadar (on February 18, 2011).

(Before you ask, the Apple iPad and iPad 2 are excluded from this honorable list. Since they are truly at the top of the tablet pile, there’s no need to mention them.)

1.  Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Officially dubbed as the iPad’s first real tablet competitor, this 7-inch Android 2.2 (Froyo) slab features phone capabilities and a decent set of features (including a 1-GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, and Adobe Flash support).

    2.  Motorola Xoom

    Marketed as the first Android tablet running the tablet-optimizing Honeycomb (3.0) platform, the Xoom impresses tech geeks with a dual-core processor, a 1-GB RAM, 5-megapixel camera, and a 10-inch capacitive touch screen.

    3.  Blackberry Playbook

      Upon seeing its market share eaten up by Android, RIM decided to make a fitting comeback with the 7-inch Playbook. Armed with the newly-baked Blackberry OS, a sophisticated look and build quality, and the ability to run Android applications, this Blackberry device deserves its title as one of the top tablet PCs.

      4.  LG Optimus Pad

        LG has made a number of firsts in the tech world recently; first dual-core processing phone, first 3D-enabled phone, and then first 3D-enabled tablet. That’s right—this LG tablet boasts of 3D content, along with dual rear cameras for creating 3D videos.

        5.  HTC Flyer

          After winning phone users’ hearts with their Android phones, HTC has finally entered the tablet sector with the 7-inch Flyer. Although the HTC Android slab runs the unfitting Gingerbread OS, the Flyer possesses a noteworthy accessory to the tablet: a stylus for highlighting and taking notes.

          6.  ASUS EEE Pad Transformer

            Currently out of stock and receiving customer acclaim, the 10-inch Transformer secures a spot among the top tablet PCs, as it boasts of Honeycomb, dual-core processor, and crisp IPS display at an affordable price. Oh, and did we hear a keyboard dock that turns this tablet into a netbook?

            7.  Acer Iconia Tab A500

              Not to be outdone by ASUS’ Transformer, the Iconia Tab also comes with a 10-inch screen, Android Honeycomb, and a dual-core processor – at a very attractive price.

              8.  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

                As the very handsome successor to the original Galaxy Tab, this 10.1-inch Honeycomb slab promises super-clear display, a dual-core processor, and an 8-megapixel rear camera – clear improvements on its predecessor.

                9.  HP TouchPad

                  While the TouchPad’s low-profile webOS is still in the minority list, HP hopes to attract buyers with the 9.7-inch tablet. To be honest, the sleek dual-core tablet and its cool OS has some potential.

                  10.  Notion Ink Adam Tablet

                    Despite being another Android tablet running Gingerbread, this 10-inch tablet from the Bangalore-based company showcases a dual-core processor, optional Qi display, and its own interface called Eden.

                    Honorable Mention: Barnes & Nobles Nook Color

                    The Nook Color is intended to function as an e-book reader, as a competitor to the Amazon Kindle. However, this e-book reader shines with Android OS, a fully-capable web browser, and a bargain price – not to mention a whole lot of love from hackers constantly rooting for this device. In short, it’s an e-book reader also functioning as a very affordable tablet.