Many people enjoy mushrooms as a side or garnish to numerous dishes, such as pizza and pasta. What many people aren't familiar with would be the many health advantages gained when they appreciate these delicious treats. Even though the health benefits are not well-known, it is really astounding the amount of health benefits which can be derived from eating this common foodstuff. Read below for the 4 top health benefits of mushrooms!

Low in Fat, No Cholesterol but Rich in Vitamins

Unlike other foods which hold a huge flavor punch, mushrooms are actually very low in fat and cholesterol. However, that doesn’t stop them from compensating with a huge dose of vitamins, such as selenium and potassium. A facinating example would be the Shitake. When exposed to sunlight for around 6 hours, the popular Shitake mushroom becomes the very best natural source of vitamin D known. The sunlight activates the vitamin D creating protein in the flesh, making them a vitamin D powerhouse! This truly is highly helpful for those of us who live in sun-deprived areas, such as Canada and some parts of the United States.

Fight Cancer

Shitake mushrooms once again steal the spotlight from the food stage with their capability to combat cancer. Doctors currently recommend Shitake mushrooms to combat tumor development and aid with cancer-related fatigue. Amazing!

Increase Cardiovascular Wellness

Reishi mushrooms, long employed in Eastern cultures in traditional herbal medicine, have earned their place in modern medicine with their amazing cardiovascular benefits. Reishi mushrooms are known to be anti-inflammatory and stabilize hypertension. They are particularly useful for patients who are undergoing health problems, for instance HIV or chemotherapy, by giving them a big health boost. 

Fight HIV

With HIV on the rise, it is undoubtedly getting increasingly crucial to find soldiers to fight for the goal of curing this ailment. Scientists may have found an ally in Maitake mushrooms. Maitake mushrooms contain powerful chemicals that have been shown in a number of earlier studies to fight HIV while in-vitro. While these studies are in their small beginnings, it certainly is an encouraging sign and good reason to incorporate these mushrooms into any diet.


So the next time you happen to be thinking about a delicious side, why wouldn't you reach for a few mushrooms? Enjoy them from pleasure AND for health!