There are viable candidates for the top three laptops needed for college. Well it's more like necessary than needed. The top three are the Apple MacBook, the Dell Studio 15 and the HP Pavilion. Between these three laptops it won't matter what your major is, you will have all you need to begin a successful college career. When looking for a laptop for college one must remember some fine points.

First a laptop should have a long lasting battery somewhere between 4 and 6 hours just for when you're stuck in class without an outlet. Look for a sufficient number of USB ports on your laptop, can you hook a printer, a scanner or any other external device your college education may require of you. The laptop should be small and lightweight to fit in a backpack and be carried with ease as you are traveling across campus. Most of all, a laptop should already have WiFi and Bluetooth capability to access the internet with ease. With that said, here is my choice for the three best college laptops 2010.

The first is the Apple MacBook. Like all Apple products this laptop is decent and small, easily transported from class to class. An Apple computer is reliable due to the fact they almost virus proof. This one possesses a Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB RAM; more than your average college student requires and 160GB of hard disk space. This is good because replacing hard drives in a laptop can be extremely difficult and not as easy as changing a hard drive in a tower PC. With a 13-15 inch monitor display and battery life of up to 6 hours, it's moderately priced at just $1299.

The second is the Dell Studio 15. The one laptop most preferred by college students, this one is economically priced at just under $900. These laptops have a good performance and have been known to run for long periods of time without overheating. With a Core 2 Duo Processor it also comes in a multitude of colors. Also this one has a built in 2 mega pixel camera and an excellent sound system.

The third and final of our three laptops is the HO Pavilion dv2. It's think and lightweight making it extremely portable between classes. With 4GB of RAM it has incredible speed but the trade off is a four hour battery life. It's priced at just around $1000 and is suitable for its incredible storage capacity.

Choosing a laptop is just like choosing a college, it can be extremely difficult. Unless your college has a laptops 101 class, stick with these suggestions for a great laptop. What you choose in a laptop probably won't stay with you for your whole college career but we would like to think it will and it can if you chose one accordingly by what your major requires of you.