Keep your Memories

Recording DVD videos allows you to keep all the treasured memories you have on VHS to last a little bit longer. To prepare for the analog to digital transition, the US Federal Communications Commission ordered back in 2007 that all DVD Recorders imported into the US were required to have ATSC digital tuners. Only ATSC digital tuners or tunerless DVD Recorders were accepted in the country from then on. And so to accommodate, Toshiba has a selection of both tuner and tunerless DVD Recorders that you can use to record TV or video. The item reviewed here will be the tunerless DR430 DVD Recorder.

toshiba dr430Credit: amazon

The DR430

The DR430 has plenty of good reviews on ease of use, dependability and the overall excellent quality of the DVD videos this device produces. It's an affordable DVD Recorder that upconverts your videos to 1080p. It has the virtual surround sound feature that manipulates the ear into thinking sound is coming from a variety of different sources. It's mainly a function out of the scientific study Psychoacoustic. It'll play your MP3 files which will truly showcase the virtual surround sound capability.

Ease of Use

It's real easy to use, simply record your VHS tapes with a single press of a button. All your recording buttons are located in the front of the device, just have your VHS tapes running and press record and let the magic happen. Add your own titles to scenes in VR (video recording) mode, you choose when to finalize the disc so that you can continue recording even after you've taken it out of the DR430. But of course to be able to play it in another DVD you'd have to finalize it. You also can undo any finalization if you still have room on the disc to record. It has a V (video) mode which automatically finalizes the disc after you're done recording. So depending on whether or not your sure you won't have to re-record will be the deciding factor on which mode you choose. VR if you want to have more control over your recording; Video if you're sure it'll only take one try.

Other Features

It also has a USB port and a universal remote. There are some complaints over a hard to read manual, but the device is so easy to use most don't even care. If you do need extra help though Toshiba has excellent customer support. After you're done recording, you can play your DVD discs on any device (once finalized of course). Using a Toshiba portable DVD player will give you the convenience of being able to take your entertainment wherever you go.

More from Toshiba

Toshiba has other great products for those searching for home electronics. Tablets like the Folio - which wasn't that impressive of a device - and the Toshiba Tablet which is a worthy contender to Apple's iPad. And even though Toshiba was defeated in the HD DVD vs Blu-ray format war, they have quality Blu-ray players for those wanting to enhance their movie viewing experience. So with Toshiba being a good manufacturer of consumer electronics, you're sure to be satisfied with their affordable products.