Toshiba Inc.

Toshiba is a widely known consumer electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan. They're a major producer of notebooks, computers, TVs and other entertainment related technologies. The name Toshiba itself isn't even a real Japanese name. It's a combination of two company names who merged together back in 1939. They produce quality products like portable DVD players that offer many functions at a reasonable price. One model is the SDP94S 9-inch portable DVD player. It offers users the ability to take their entertainment with them without sacrificing too much on screen size. The 9 inch display has a 640x234 pixel resolution and the portable DVD itself has a sleek black glossy finish that adds style to your entertainment.

toshiba portable dvd playerCredit: amazon

Take that Authority Figure!

Portable DVD players can be used on family vacations, business trips, fooling college professors into thinking you're taking notes on a laptop, or at home fooling your mom you're working on a high school paper. They're versatile and quite handy if you don't stay home a lot. They can be used for entertainment purposes as well as fooling various people you deal with on a daily basis. The Toshiba SDP94S itself doubles as an overall portable media player as it can also play your MP3 files without a hitch. So whether you want to listen to music or watch your favorite movies, you'll be able to do that in peace with authority figures being none the wiser.

Torture Your Friends

If you happen to have a lot of home videos you enjoy watching, the Toshiba SDP94S supports DVD-RW and DVD-R formats. You'll be able to watch your home movies (and even the adult swim TV show home movies), letting your friends critique your director movie-making skills like in the popular show (if any present). Files can be downloaded on an SD card and viewed on the crystal clear 9 inch LCD screen, and if your friends gave your home movie a bad rating, you can produce another five-hour saga and force them to watch it via the extended battery life this DVD player boasts. The Toshiba portable DVD player is compact and light-weight at 2 pounds but can be even more easy to carry with it having a swivel screen. Just fold it into tablet formation for a more comfortable viewing experience if space is limited.

Good for Abandoned Motels

Browse through your photos on your digital camera via an A/V cable or hook it up to a TV lacking a DVD player to watch your movies. Great for motels with no DVD players. Multiple reviewers on Amazon praise the quality sound and picture from the SDP94S. And if the video abruptly stops for some reason (possibly your friends couldn't handle the five-hour movie you produced), you can pick it back up where you left off thanks to the resume play feature.

Need more Thumbs?

The Toshiba SDP94S portable DVD player is a great media device for those not willing to sacrifice quality for an affordable product. So whatever your purposes are, whether vengeance toward demanding critics or just to have something to do while traveling, this device should have you covered. It also comes with a remote just in case you don't want to extend your hand the two extra inches to reach the playback buttons on the device itself. The remote is easy to use and further reduces activity for those traveling couch potatoes out there. Just pressing buttons with your thumb shouldn't break a sweat, but if it does, maybe they'll come out with something that'll accept commands via telepathy. One can hope.