Market Share Pie

A year after Apple released its iPad, Toshiba releases its tablet in hopes of taking if not most, then a piece of Apples market share. The Toshiba Tablet has a whole list of features that prove it to be a better first generation tablet than the iPad. Which, I guess, is not surprising since technology is always better today than it was yesterday. But anyway, it's the first tablet on the market that will allow you to exchange batteries - no need shipping the device back for a refurbished one. Until the Toshiba, owners would have to send their iPad devices to the manufacturer and pay for a refurbished one for 99 dollars plus any shipping costs. And with owners clinging to their tablets like life support, how long till you think that gets old? Being able to purchase a less expensive battery over the hassle of waiting on a refurbished tablet makes life a whole lot easier.

toshiba tabletCredit: amazon


The Toshiba Tablet also boasts a 10.1 inch widescreen (bigger than iPads 9.7), front and back cameras for video interaction, USB and mini-USB ports, an SD card slot and HDMI connectivity. And as far as performance is concerned, this tablet sports a superior dual-core processor which outperforms the lone processor Apple's iPad had. The dual-core processor (titled the NVIDIA Tegra 2) sits nicely inside the Toshiba Tablet giving its user a faster web experience, striking interface appearance, and just an overall faster response time. It'll also upscale any videos you have to HD - well beyond the Toshiba portable DVD players they have on stock. If you're not all that into techno stuff, the big news in the computer nerd world is that the NVIDIA Tegra 2 is the first super chip embedded in a mobile device. The Toshiba Tablet isn't the only one this bad boy sits in either, so you'll have your choices.


As far as style is concerned, Toshiba has multi-colored EasyGrip™ backs that will prevent any accidental drops as well as add a bit of uniqueness to your tablet. The Android Honeycomb OS will give you full control over customizing your device. You have widgets that you can add to your desktop, and you can edit videos and browse through albums via its revamped music app which sports a new user-interface. Basically the word you'd use to sum the OS as a whole would have to be "fast". No lagging when browsing, immediate response time and an intuitive UI that will definitely give Apple a run for its money.

Other Features

Chat face to face with family and friends via the 2.0 MP camera and mic and also create quality HD 720p movies thanks to the rear 5.0 camera. Moving the tablet around will adjust the UI to an upright position so you can view it in whatever preferred manner you want. Conversely, you can lock the rotation feature so that no matter what orientation the tablet's in, it'll stay where you want it. Also, thanks to the ambient light sensor, you'll have perfect brightness whether inside or out. Put this way, the Toshiba Tablet has a lot going for it.

Everybody Loves Tablets

Tablets are the new go-to gadget for consumers today. The masses flock to the nearest electronic stores whenever a new one's released and pounce on these devices like gazelles in the wild. It seems everyone was doing find before Apple's iPad, now people can't live without the rectangular-shaped devices boggling their minds. Still though, these aren't new devices by any means. This is a technology that has been long in the works during the 20th century. The Apple Newton was a PDA from Apple released in the early 90s and was their introduction to computer frameworks. The Newton Platform eventually evolved into the OS you see in todays iPads. The market is rich with these portable devices, and there are surely more to come. So you could grab one today or just wait a year for a more advanced model.