town (28744)


Ben Affleck's The Town has great character, and plot development

Believable characters

Great Score

Believable and Intense action scenes

A FBI villian you will love to hate


Slow beginning

Some of the profanity detracts from the overall theme of the film

Full Review

Ben Affleck's The Town is a thrill ride beyond your wildest dreams. The film is set in Castletown where the most robberies and heists have taken place in America (allededly) The film places Aflleck as a blue collar worker in this small town, however he is the son of a famous robber and his crew is the best in the town. They work for an eccentric florist (who gives them the targets) and they pull off the heists. If you have seen films such as The Departed or other police/crime thrillers; this is similar. However, it pulls a few twists of it's own a long the way. I'm not going to share more than the backdrop for this film, because I want you to go into the theater not knowing what to expect! The film has a lot of profanity, violence, and a few sex scenes, so it is not for the faint of heart. Like I said it is comparable to The Departed. Both are set in the North-East, about blue-collar working criminals, with northern accents. This film doesn't stray from it, but is in a totally different ballpark than The Departed. The premisis of both films are comparable, however.

The film opens with an action sequence, but after that it is kind of slow. The film picks up about mid-way through and strides until the end, delivering masked bank robbing nuns, ghouls and even boys in blue. At first I wasn't too impressed, but the film really grabbed me about mid-way and I was on the edge of my seat for the entire middle-through end. There is a romantic element in here that may surprise most, myself included, and the ending is a shocker.

4/5 stars

In Closing

I am definately looking forward to more Ben Affleck directed films. This film really surprised me. I wasn't expecting much about it nor buying into the hype. I went to see it because the guys in my Fraternity voted for it over The Social Network (Haven't seen it yet, but will review it soon), but let me tell you I was glad they did. It is a great film. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes crime thrillers!