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For The King

It is a tragic reality that there is a widening distance between traditional religion, and contemporary worship. While people grow up in their day, and experience things that bring them life, is should go without saying that all Christians, all saints, acknowledge Jesus as the source of life. Thus, if it is His word that says move in a new direction, than it should be the joy of everyone who submits to Him. And while Christians all share basic principles, there are many less focal doctrines that are not shared, and unity then is not binding us together deeply. But Jesus should unite every Christian intimately based on the life they now have in Him. Change shouldn't take place to cater to any one generational group, it should take place because God see's it as the best thing for us – all of us.

Visions and Dreams

According to Joel 2:28, a powerful presentation is given for God releasing revelation for both the young and the old. “Old men dream dreams, and young men see visions...” I believe the Kingdom of God is not static, and God wants us to live in freedom, not just into a new age, but in a timeless age. He wants us to be apart of His adventure, whether we are reverent to a new or old generation. Christians can learn what God is saying by listening to His children, and this may include much more practical application then is typically thought. I identify in myself a tendency to want to lean towards a more 2000's perspective, but in the 2030's, this will be an aging mentality just like the 1960's mentality is today. But what God did in the past is powerful, because it was JESUS who did it. It the late 60's, the Jesus movement took place. This was a powerful event that took place initially in the US, but was so influential that it spread throughout the world. It was a modern revival. It wasn't people, it was God. His ways are far more extravagant than man's ways.

Mentors and Pioneers

The is a particular place, in my view, of the old and the young in each others lives. First off, as sons and daughters of God, we are all spiritual siblings, which means we are equal in the eyes of Jesus. But second, the older generation has the tremendous benefit of experiential wisdom. They have lived, and can teach from what they know confidently. The younger generation should not try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. On the other hand, a new era brings with it new technology and cultural treads that need not be avoided. To reach a modern culture, we must speak their language. The younger community has the imagination to bring out ideas steeped in the culture of the day, and passion and enthusiasm to go with it. But they can hone their vision and pioneer the strategy better with wise counsel from elders, from people who are ardently seeking God's plan, and looking for those who can be sent out. The older generation should be laying hands on the young so the young can go in confidence.

Uncompromised Excellence

Quality. It is something that reaches beyond words. It is as if it is hard-coded into us to recognise it. It speaks to a diligence and passion in a thing. If Christians have been released into freedom, then we should be leading the way in top-quality results. While I don't agree that Christians should be competitive with the world, keeping a peripheral view of the worlds interests will give us an idea of the greater scope of God's creation that includes those not yet adopted into the family of God. It is a standard of excellence from people filled with life that will stand above the fray in a world that is looking for life where ever it can be found.

Assimilating the Old and the New with the Eternal

The Kingdom of God is a community that is focused on God and His plan, and we are excited about this because we also know that His plan is the best possible path for our life. The Ancient of Days is wanting to bring us into an adventure that really transcends passing seasons, treads, and eras. He wants us