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      For years I have heard of , and been accused of participating in, the transgender agenda.  I googled the term and immediately came up with a YouTube video explaining that the transgender agenda as the following: "the Illuminati silently pushes the transgender agenda to brainwash the sheeple into accepting their wet dream of a society filled with androgynous mindless drones reigned by their hermaphrodite reptilian alien antichrist."  Portrait Of Pointing WomanCredit: Image courtesy of [imagerymajestic] / FreeDigitalPhotos.netYou can imagine my surprise and astonishment that I have been participating in creating a society full of hermaphrodite reptilian aliens simply by asking for what is freely granted to everyone outside the LGBT community; human rights. I immediately understood that the implications for me changing my gender on my driver's license was going to instigate the invasion of earth by reptilians bent on world domination! I had to chuckle to myself, wondering how it was even possible for people to actually believe this tripe. However, judging by the myriad of comments about the video stating "Absolutely fantastic video! As soon as my wife told me what she did I thought, "Why in gods name would she do such a thing?!" But, knowing what "she" is a part of I knew it was a ploy for other women to mutilate themselves. So so sad that people follow these reptiles!!!"  by Grimvolf and others. The video goes on to imply that we are dehumanizing women with our dastardly agenda; however reducing a segment of humanity to the status of "reptiles" seems to be the only dehumanization I see going on here.

     I fail to understand why the people in certain camps hate and fear us so much that they go out of their way to attack, belittle and destroy us at every opportunity. But then again I also fail to see why white people are superior to all others on this blue gem of a planet we live on. Each particular group in our society seems to have an enemy or enemies that they mistrust, revile and spread vicious lies about in order to further THIER agenda. Which of course is to wipe out anything and everything that is different from them. Where does this come from? Fear and insecurity, plain and simple. They are so insecure with their own identities that they are afraid of everything they see as a threat to their fragile egos. Simply put, the radical feminists are afraid of us and will do or say anything, no matter how ridiculous, to stamp us out of their cookie cutter world.

     For the record, the "transgender agenda" does not actually exist per se. There is no overriding goal of all transgender people to dehumanize women and open the world up for invasion by reptilian beings. We have no desire to turn everyone in the world into transgender people or bring forth a transgender alien antichrist; at least the majority of us aren't.  If there were an agenda that we were all in pursue of then it is simply this; human rights. You know, the same human rights feminists are fighting for. The same human rights we are all fighting for and deserve regardless of your race, color, creed or gender identity. I have always had a hard time understanding how one group can cry oppression and then turn around an oppress another, sometimes in the same breath. Is it because we always have to have an enemy? Are we genetically predetermined to mistrust, hatred and war? It would seem so. Why even within the transgender community there are individuals who attack each other for unfathomable reasons. My guess has always been that "you activate my gender dysphoria so therefore I hate you and want to attack you". The doctors call it lateral hostility and it can be devastating. If there were a transgender agenda, and it was human right, this issue does more to stop it than any outside transphobic hater ever will. The only way we will achieve human rights is to work together, forget our differences and the transgender hierarchy, and get on with a cohesive, strong and beautiful transgender agenda that we can all agree on! A transgender bill of rights if you will.  A bill of rights that might include the following:

  • Blank AgendaCredit: rights with every human being on the planet
  • The right to live and work without fear of harassment and violence
  • Hate crimes against us to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
  • Hate propaganda against transgender people should be banned and prosecuted under hatemongering laws as their hatred leads directly to the untimely ending of many transgender angels before their time.
  • Parents cannot disown their children due to their gender identity (or sexual orientation) under punishment of the law until such child is of legal age.
  • Full and complete access to the medical care that transgender people require.
  • Equal treatment in hospitals and health clinics.
  • Anti-discrimination laws to be in place to protect transgender people against discrimination in all levels of society and in particular the workplace.
  • Full freedom of gender expression.
  • Equal right to children and ability to adopt just like anyone else.
  • LGBT rights and in particular transsexual rights to be taught in the sexual education courses in high school.
  • Harassment and bullying to be made illegal and punishable by law.
  • Equal rights to housing and access to home loans.
  • .....Feel free to add to the Bill as you see fit.

       Transgender Agenda 1Credit: you can see there are a lot of things that transgender folks have to fight for because each of these things represents what we do not have and what we so desperately need. Rights that most people in our society freely enjoy simply for being born and yes, the very same ones who insist that we have no rights because we are different from them. History repeats itself once again! So feel free to add more as you see fit and perhaps one day we will actually have A Transgender Agenda!

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