Easy to clean
Good power output
Good pitcher
Precise control


Narrow cups
Difficulty blending ice cubes

Full Review

The Tribest Blender is a cool little personal blender where you can blend your smoothies in a cup and take it along with you in the car. It's durable and strong.

Are you still using the same old traditional blender you received years ago at that housewarming party? Wish there was something else to replace it with? Good news, there is. The Tribest blender is a state of the art all in one blender. Do you need your coffee ground, fresh smoothies or a pesto sauce? This blender covers all of the above and any other blending and grinding needs.

Completely portable and weighing less than three pounds, this blender is not only convenient, it's versatile too. Don't be fooled, just because it's lightweight doesn't mean it can't get the job done. Equipped with a 200 watt motor, it makes grinding ice, frozen fruit and vegetables a cinch. Whether you're planning a family outing, a special recipe, or want a healthy snack at the office, this gadget can follow you wherever you need to go.

Cups made with bulletproof material? You've got it. The unique blend and serve cups are made from high quality polycarbonate; the same material used in windows at most banks. Don't feel like doing the dishes? Not a problem, blend the ingredients you need, remove the lid from the cup and serve. The cups themselves are one hundred percent dishwasher safe. They are easy to clean if you prefer to wash them yourself. Wash the cup and rinse the attached screw on blade. It's that simple.

Do you worry about the safety issues with most blenders? You longer have to. The blades themselves are enclosed by the containers. This means no problem for slippery, wet hands. With the advanced safety features, it will not blend anything unless the blade is enclosed by the cup. Say goodbye to accidents and hello to technology.

Tired of waiting in between blends if switching from wet to dry ingredients? This gadget comes with two separate blades; one for wet and one for dry. This makes switching between the two fast and easy. Want to make some smoothies ahead of time for an event you're attending? Just cover the container with the included lid and place it in the refrigerator for later.

Each blender comes with all the parts you need to begin blending. This includes two blender containers with lids, two grinder containers and lids, and two blades. One is for blending, the other for grinding. Made for people on the go, blending has never been better-or easier.

Fresh ground coffee, granola, and homemade milkshakes are all some of the things you can make with your Tribest blender. Take it with you to the office, a social event, or camping. Wherever you are, a healthy, nutritious snack is just a blend away.

In Closing