Many like to talk about the ominous 'new world order' which some say lingers behind closed doors controlling  currencies, economies, businesses, leaders and nations around the planet.  Conspiracy theories have been around since before the time of Hammurabi. They are not new, and in most cases they are not real.  The new world order is real, at least this one is real.

The new world order is the more recent permutation of these theories. There is however something potentially more threatening, yet also full of opportunity for growth, peace and prosperity, facing the future of our world: and it is the new world order, but not the nefarious one involving the Bilderberg Club or the Vanderbilt's.  It's the trinity in the new world order that is dominating the world today.

This is not a discussion of conspiracy theories.   Yes! A version of the new world order is here now.  It lives and breathes and grows around the world.  Those who learn and who are adaptive to the changes will survive.  The sad part is that if some are incapable of adaptation and change, then they will not survive in this new world.  But honestly, inflexibility, regardless of the time or situation, always leads ultimately to demise. Rigid, static systems and networks are fragile and susceptible to cracking under the slightest pressure.

There are three distinct phases of co-evolution for today's new world order: hence, the trinity. The first part of the trinity is the individual person, state, association or organization and their unique relationships.  The second part of the trinity is best understood as the complex adaptive global system of worldwide and local systems and networks where individuals interact in an emergent organic fashion.  The third part of the trinity in this new world order is a consideration of everything in the world as a holistic system, not as distinct separable complex parts.

The First Leg of the Trinity: The Empowered Individual

Each part of this global trinity naturally evolves into the other.  How?  What are the enabling factors?  Commerce, trade, finance, international organizations, treaties, transportation, communications, the internet, social media, and people contribute to the rising tide of globalization and increased networks and systems beyond borders.  Shifting trends are part of human growth and evolution down through time immemorial. 

As people band together into groups, the groups join together for trade, knowledge sharing and commerce.   The groups then join together to form cities and states and nations. The inevitable and ultimately human need to join into networks and groups with common interests and goals continues. Each network, each system or group created by the people for some purpose, takes on an organic nature, and becomes the first leg in the trinity.  These systems and networks are complex.

The Second Leg of the Trinity: Complex Adaptive Systems

A complex adaptive system (CAS) is one where the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts (emergent).  CAS networks have a property called co-evolution. The elements grow and evolve together through knowledge sharing, learning and constant feedback.  CAS systems also have a variety of individuals with differing opinions, ideas, histories and abilities.  These systems thrive on their differences, and would collapse in stasis. Change is the one common factor inherent in CAS systems. The elements in CAS systems exist best just at the edge of chaos, have simple rules, and generally are self-regulating. 

A complicated system is not a complex system.  Brain surgery is complicated.  Designing, building, flying, a spaceship to Mars with a crew of colonists is a complicated process.  These things on their own are not complex.  The interactions between the members of the surgery staff while performing a procedure is complex.  Complex systems are not machines to disassembled, but are instead co-evolutionary emergent networks of individual elements. A complex system cannot be re-assembled such that we get a recognized acceptable outcome similar to what is was before disassembly.  Complicated systems can be disassembled and re-assembled and you will get the same outcome.  Complicated systems are Newtonian.

The Third Leg of the New Trinity: A Holistic Worldview

A holistic worldview is not necessarily concerned with the specific details of global complex adaptive systems.  A holistic view recognizes that those systems exists as part of the whole.  A holistic worldview includes all the CAS parts, all the individuals, the past and the present.  It's organic, yet not co-evolutionary. It involves psychological, historical and probabilistic determinism over vast time periods.  It also involves every part and all sub-systems of the entire planet:  governments, people, organizations, business, eco-systems, environment, all cultures, ideologies and nations. It's all-inclusive.

A holistic worldview sees and can direct the future as a result of small directed and suggestive influences at specific points in spacetime within the CAS environment.  Each of the chosen points can be viewed as having high mass and energy:  they have gravity and warp space and time in their vicinity. It is from this physics analogy that the future can be seen as the result of a deterministic probability where CAS is but an element.  

A holistic math, a grand theory of planning and purpose, a grand theory of existence, is possible that incorporates all these basic ideas. Obviously, that is a different discussion. Though having a purpose and plan, something that gives direction, that most hubs of influence would buy into from the bottom up, is more important than having the math to describe it.  But then choosing the specific application points in the CAS system is an exercise in math and theory. 


This worldview sees the future as the result of actions by a new generation of leaders. These leaders would be the subtle suggestive quite 'in the background' kind, not the 'command and control' kind.  They would lead from within and from the bottom, and most would never admit to their role in the overall holistic system. These leaders are seers, visionaries, big picture people not restricted to one box or another.  They are seekers of knowledge.  Patterns and trends over time for the system direct their effort and energies.

The new world order is a system of co-dependent complex emergent parts.  Those three parts, the trinity, work together to influence a possible future outcome.  It's here now.  You are part of it whether you accept that role or not.  You are the first leg of the trinity in the new world order. You enable the new world order by your involvement in all the networks that surround your life, that tie you with the external world.  It's through social media, the internet, your smart phones, and even through the purchases you make that connect you with another person or business somewhere on the planet.

You are the new world order.