There are some people that believe houses should never be covered with anything except real wood. For a reasonable alternative that is also low maintenance, you may also consider buying vinyl siding. This affordable alternative was created when something was needed to replace aluminum siding. When it was first introduced, vinyl siding had a tendency to fade and crack. Advancements in technology have gradually made it a suitable substitute for many home materials. Installation techniques have advanced in step with manufacturing methods. This is why there has been an increase in popularity in this kind of inexpensive siding.

One out of every three builders is now choosing vinyl over other options when it comes to choosing material for new home builds. Installation has become so quick and inexpensive that demand has grown as a result. Quality will largely determine vinyl siding cost. You will pay about $1.60 for every foot of mid-grade vinyl including the cost of installation. You don't have to worry about paint because the siding is available in a wide variety of colors. There is no special treatment involved since vinyl is resistant to elements and will not sag or fade.

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Additional materials you will have to buy include hardware and trim pieces. Cedar clapboard will cost you more than twice as much for installation and that does not include the paint and trim. The price for vinyl is around $8 for one square foot including professional installation and there is no budget required for costs associated with painting.

The first thing most homeowners want to know is how much does vinyl siding cost? The professional contractor may cost a bit more up front but you should not underestimate the skill needed to install siding properly. Expect to be charged anywhere from $3,600 to $12,600 to cover an average home with a square footage of 1800. Price will vary according to the quality of siding you purchase and the hourly rate charged by the contractor for his labor. Premium siding is considered to be anything that measures .040-inch or more.

It is important to choose a professional contractor who has plenty of experience that can be backed up with verifiable references. Choosing the cheapest bid you are offered will not always be the best value for your money. If the contractor you choose is unable to perform the job in a professional manner, it could end up costing you even more money in the long run. Unscrupulous contractors have been known to use low quality materials and claim a vinyl siding cost that is more than what it actually is. One way to protect yourself against these kinds of practices is to buy the vinyl yourself and hire the expert to hang it. With this option are likely to find a price for less than even an average cost of vinyl siding in your area. The installer can then handle the part of the job that requires expertise and training.