Aloe Vera also known as the True or Medicinal Aloe,is a species of succulent plant (water retaining plants) that probably originated in the southern half of the arabian peninsula,Norhtern Africa,the Canary Islands and Cape Verde..Aloe Vera grows in a arid climate... many scientific study have been done about the use of aloe vera as medicine and some of them have conflicting result.. Despite this resultsthere is some preliminary eveidence that aloe vera extracts maybe useful in the treatment of wound and burn healing, minor skin infections,Sebaceous cyst(a form of trichilemmal cystalso known as as"wen"),Diabetis (is a group of metabolic disease in which a person has high blood sugar) and elevated blood lipids(blood fats)in human.. it is beacause of the substances presence in aloe vera such as polysaccharides (are polymeric carbohydrate structures,form of repeating units joined together by glocosidic bonds), Mannans ( is a plant polysaccharide that is a polymer of a sugar mannose),anthraquinones (aromatic organic compound) and Lectins ( a sugar binding proteins/glycoproteins).aloe vera also contains 12 vitamins such as vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-2,vitamin C,niacinamide,vitamin B-6,vitamin A,vitamin B-12,vitamin E , etc.

Did you know that there are also studies that aloe vera might cure Psoriasis (an auto-immune disease characterized by execessive multiplication of skin cells?)? is just unclear as to just how aloe vera help psoriasis but the clinical evidence is strong.. In a study in Belgium in 1995 using 60 psoriasis patients ,a double blind placebo-controlled study showed that aloe vera had a cure rate of 83.3% compared to placebo at 6.6%. Patients psoriasis plaques were seen to be reduced in number and there was reduced discoloration .Overall there was a significant reduction in all aspect of the psoriasis.The aloe vera used in this study was a 0.5% aloe extract in a hydrophilic cream..

Aloe vera plants contains 95% water and found in warm climates so to grow aloe vera you need a large quantity of water.the plant should be in sunlight and require moderately can put this plant at your window where as sun light can be reached.use planter method to provide 1-2 inch layer of irritate in the bottom to make sure of adequate drainage.One of the best soils for aloe vera is cacti mix. you can easily grow aloe vera at your home by using a good peat compost with quality

Aloe vera is now widely used on face tissue, where it is promoted as moisturiser or anti-irritant, it can also be used to retwist dreadlockhair,soothing the skin, and keeping the skin moist also eliminate the risk of flaky scalp and skin in a harsh and dry weahter..aloe vera is also used as foodstuff, some molecular gastronomist have begun to take advantage of it's gelling properties..

Commercially aloe can be found in pills,sprays,ointments,lotions,liquids,driks,jellies and creams, to name a few of the thousands of products available. Unfortunately aloe industry is virtually unregulated, and some products that advertise aloe content actually have little to none. Therefore, if you are embarking on a regimen with aloe,then follow the gideline bellow..

sunburn treatments-20% or more aloe content

Creams and Ointment-20% or more aloe content

Juices- 95% or more aloe content

beverages-50% or more aloe content

Drinks- 10% or more aloe content

Capsules 5-10% or more aloe content

As far as the dosage are concern ,start small and work your way up to a therapheutic dose. Juices are a good way to start and pills are probably the worst way to go with aloe.Aloe pulp is 95% water,and if you consider the process of drying this and sticking it back together into a pill form, you can see why pills are probably not the best way to go. Also give your regimen time to work.Sometimes it takes a couple of months to see the effect..

Aloe is safe when used in moderation,but there are few contraindications such as if you have heart problem and use any kind of digitalis medication, consult your doctor before using any aloe products internally,as the interaction may cause irregular heart beat.. Avoid aloe preparation if you are pregnant,breast feeding,or menstruating,as it can cause uterine contractions.