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The Truth About Article Submission Revenue Sharing Websites

By Edited Nov 13, 2013 12 49

Rarely do I ever invest my own time or energy into Article Submission Revenue Sharing websites (or any website, for that matter) without deeply exploring the positive and negative attributes of each one. While some may take the opportunity to quickly begin writing for any old website, under the promise of great advertisement revenue share, there are definitely inherent differences governing many of the highest ranked article submission/revenue sharing websites. Towards the tail end of this Info Barrel article you can see a screen capture of my Excel spreadsheet, that, while still a work-in-progress, is the product of a great deal of research revolving around some of the most prominent websites in this industry. While you can read more about these differences in my own 'soon-to-be-released' Info Barrel eBook, this article is meant to show everyone who reads it many of the inherent differences in functionality and offerings among these similar website platforms.

Because I have had great experience writing for quite a few of the following companies/websites, I do feel it necessary to admit that my own opinion naturally gravitates towards highly favoring Info Barrel. Writing online has been a bit of trial and error, for myself. I have exerted great effort to familiarizing myself with the following websites. Even if I don't strictly write for them, as of now, I have done thorough research regarding their Terms of Service, FAQs, and general strengths and weaknesses in functionality and offerings. I hope that this will serve as a bit of a helpful guide for you, the reader.

Even where many of these websites claim to be 'the best', it is important for us all to realize that there are great success stories associated with each one. Writers have made alot of money from each website, however, it is up to each one of these website platforms to deliver on their promises. In a sea saturated with similar websites, it is also up to each one of us to become familiar with each one, as well as, their inherent strengths and weaknesses.

These websites are not laid out in any order of importance, but, rather, basically just in line with how I presented them on the presented Excel spreadsheet at the bottom of this article. For anyone who may read this article, if you write, or have written, any articles about the following website platforms please contact me through my comment's section here. I will link to your article from the sections entitled "Info Barrel Articles About XXXXXXXX"! Also, please feel free to share your experiences with each one of these website platforms! (Good, or Bad!)

Without further ado.


Squidoo is an ingenious concept for a website that was begun by marketing sensation, Seth Godin. In accordance with my spreadsheet, you can see why, next to Info Barrel, Squidoo is really the only other website that I choose to invest my time and energy into writing for.

  • Squidoo has integrated Charities.
  • Squidoo provides amazing tools that writers can utilized in order to facilitate user interaction on their lenses. From Poll modules, to Comment and Plexo modules, writers can constantly achieve feedback from readers. On a side note, this does require a writer to think deeply and creatively about the actual placement of their modules, in relation to the general content and context of their lens. Poll modules can be utilized, in accordance with major daily events, in order to elicit immediate opinion.
  • Great HTML manipulation of modules can be done. While this could inherently be used in a negative manner, this does provide the writer with great amounts of control over his/her content.
  • Squidoo does have a very helpful user forum, that, in my honest opinion, is among one of the most helpful and useful forums around.
  • Even though Squidoo has integrated a wealth of charities into its platform, I have found Squidoo to be incredibly difficult to earn from. With over 80 "lenses", along with one particular lens that has been ranked as high as #2 in the Business category of Squidoo (Perhaps, one of the most competitive categories), even that lens doesn't really earn me very much per month as compared to my earnings in my first month of writing for Info Barrel.
  • Because their are thousands of writers, worldwide, vying to have a top ranked Squidoo Lens, lensrank fluctuates so much daily. With a tiered payment distribution scheme, sometimes its difficult to even qualify for the top tier payment allocation because lensrank fluctuates so much. As an example of this, my highest ranking Squidoo lens fluctuates by hundreds of positions each time the lensrank is updated every day. While this does require writers to constantly have to return to "Update" their lenses, their is no guarantee that your updates will reflect a positive change in lensrank. Even still, writers may find it difficult to continually update their lenses with new content, especially when they may feel like there isn't really anything new that they can add to their lens.
  • More about Payment on Squidoo: I have listed Squidoo's payment distribution and allocation scheme as a 'disadvantage', simply because of the complexity of it. Entire "lenses" have been dedicated to breaking down and explaining it to new users. In fact, I strongly believe that many writers write for Squidoo without truly knowing exactly what they are entitled to, and how they will receive it. While I do find that immediate payment through PayPal is very convenient, the way Squidoo works is that 50% of Google Adsense revenue is essentially "Pooled" and, at the end of the month, it is distributed based on a lensmasters average lensrank in a tiered system.
  • You can read more about Squidoo's payment scheme HERE.
--Tier One: Lenses with an average LensRank of #1 to #2,000 get 25% of the ad pool.
--Tier Two: Lenses with an average LensRank of #2,001 to #10,000 get 17% of the ad pool.
--Tier Three: Lenses with an average LensRank of #10,001 to #85,000 get 8% of the ad pool
--Last Tier (the Zero Tier): Lenses with an average LensRank more than #85,000 get 0% of the ad pool. (But are, of course, still eligible to get 50% of any directly attributable sales they make. Just not a cut of the community ad pool).
  • Squidoo also allocates a strait 50% of all affiliate revenue earned to its writers, on their lenses. This means that, if a writers utilizes Squidoo own Amazon modules, Squidoo will earn 50%, and the lensmaster will earn 50%, on each purchase that is made through that affiliate link. That goes for any other "Affiliate-type" module that Squidoo allows lensmasters to embed into their lenses.
  • As a general side note, if you use your own affiliate links, you can pocket 100% of your affiliate commissions, however, there is strong indicator that earning sales through Squidoo's Affiliate modules (and, thus, earning the company a profit), is directly attributable to one's own lensrank. This means that, the more you "sell" for Squidoo, the higher your lens will probably be ranked. There is strong indicator that this factor is a piece of the secret Squidoo lensrank algorithm.
  • Squidoo does NOT currently offer a lifetime advertisement revenue share of all referrals. In fact, Squidoo referral program is nearly impossible to earn for; almost as impossible as the fundamental lensbuilding functions that make its website what it is. For every new person that a writer referrals to Squidoo, they will earn a flat $5, once that writer has made over $15.00. With well over 30 referrals on Squidoo, I have yet to receive a single $5 payout because, the truth of the matter is, that most writers won't ever come even remotely close to earning $15.00 unless they manage to produce a lens that achieves consistent positioning in Squidoo's Top tier. Because of the work and effort required to maintain a high lens ranking, chances are very unlikely that your referrals will devout that much time, especially when they see very little return on their investments. In my honest opinion, Squidoo's referral program needs a complete overhaul.
Compared to Info Barrel
  • At the time of this writing, Squidoo is one of the most frequented websites in the world. Although it has been "slapped by Google" in the past, because of poor quality control related to the abuse of affiliate links, Squidoo has taken great steps to remedy these issues.
  • While some earn quite a bit with Squidoo, I still hold firmly to my belief that Squidoo is a very difficult platform to earn from.
  • In an area where many websites suffer, I am very pleased with the transparency conducted by Squidoo and its top management and staff. Although a bit complicated, Squidoo breaks down its earnings quite well and goes to great lengths to ensure that new writers are, at the very least, aware of what they can expect to encounter while writing for Squidoo.
  • With regards to earnings, again, I do feel that Info Barrel's earnings scheme, compared to Squidoo, is alot less complicated, and alot more realistic and reliable as far as longterm earnings for each individual writer.
  • If you find that Info Barrel may be a place that you would like to write for and submit content to, you can earn 75-90% of Google Adsense Revenue share on all your hosted advertisements. It would be an honor to have you either sign up here [No Referral Link] or here [My Referral Link]. I take care of my referrals. Every month, I will conduct a completely random drawing for all 6 of my eBooks in my Info Barrel eBook Course (the very first eBook Course written for and about Info Barrel!). The only way to qualify for these Drawings is if I can view who you are through my Referral list.
Info Barrel Articles about Squidoo

Be the first to have a direct link to your Info Barrel article, about Squidoo, placed HERE! Contact me in my comments section, if you decide to write an article about Squidoo, or any of the other website platforms reviewed in this article!

Blog Posts / Articles / Threads about Squidoo
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Bukisa LOGO

While I do, admittedly, have very little experience writing for "Bukisa", I have done a tremendous amount of research about it.

  • Bukisa pays its writers on a "per-view" basis. Rather than give their writers a clear percentage of advertisement revenue, there are some very clear criticisms of this revenue sharing model. Even still, from what I can see, Bukisa currently pays its writers more "per-view" than any website platform with a 'similar' payment distribution structure. If one chooses to write for a website with this revenue sharing model, the fact that Bukisa pays its writers more "per-view" than any other website can certainly be seen as a clear advantage.
  • Bukisa actually calls the amount the pay writers, per 1,000 views, their "Bukisa Index". Apparently, this amount fluctuates with each month, however, one blog post I recently read said that this index has consistently paid around $4.00 per 1,000 page views.
  • As you can see, Bukisa's payment scheme inherently requires the individual writer to be actively involved in the promotion process. This means that a writer could spend hours promoting their articles, and, unfortunately, they may actually come shy of getting 1,000 page views to their articles. This could very easily add up to quite alot of time invested, with very little (if any) return.
  • While some may see this as an "Advantage", from what I have researched, Bukisa doesn't appear to have any quality control process requirements whatsoever. For those who hope to utilize Bukisa in order to satisfy harmful intentions, Bukisa's lack of a quality control process can/has been leading to significant tarnishing of their own reputation. Even though it may be tempting to want one's article to be published immediately, with little to no edits or alterations, a website that fails to control the quality of its own writers/writing could be destined for a quick demise especially in such a cutthroat industry.
  • To build upon the previous comment, a lack of quality control process does mean that one's article will probably be published immediately. Once again, this isn't always a good thing, which is why it is imperative that any legitimate company/website, of a similar nature, strike a delicate balance between affording writer's freedom, while also maintaining quality control of their own website.
  • Some types of articles inherently lend to more traffic than others. You could spend hours writing a 1,500 word article, however, if noone sees it, you will not earn on that article unless it gains over 1,000 page views. Even at that rate, a writer would only earn around $4.00 for those page views. Realistically speaking, a significant amount of time would have to be spent promoting an article in order to make what could easily be equated to as "peanuts".
  • While I do not have concrete "numbers" to show readers of this article, for each one of the 1,000 viewers of an article, hosted advertisements are displayed to those readers. From what I can tell, a writer isn't afforded any of that revenue whatsoever, but, rather, they only earn from page views. It is easy to see that, while Bukisa, could make quite a bit off of each group of 1,000+ page views, they are only giving very very little back to their writers. For this reason, I am very skeptical of this revenue sharing model. It is a round-about way of exploiting people's hard work and effort.
  • Most people don't have the time necessary to drive tons of traffic to their Bukisa articles. If they fail to gain 1,000 visitors, they won't even earn the Bukisa Index (roughly $4.00 per 1,000 page views).
Compared to Info Barrel
  • Per their terms of service, Info Barrel does have a required 10-article manual review submission process that all articles must be subjected. This means that, upon submission of your first 10 articles, each article will take approximately 2-3 days before it is reviewed, approved, and injected into Info Barrel's massive growing database of articles. While this means that your articles won't be available immediately, it does afford Info Barrel management the opportunity to ensure quality control over all of its content.
  • While a manual article review process may initially seem like a burden to writers who just want to get their writing "out there", as soon as they publish it, there are very clear reasons as to why Info Barrel has to do this. In an ever competitive industry, it is imperative that Info Barrel takes the necessary steps to protect and safeguard its own reputation. The last thing they want to happen is to gain significantly in Google's ranking system, yet, be "slapped", similar to Squidoo, only to have to begin almost all over again proving that they are worthy of a higher ranking.
  • This manual review process is also important because Google values quality content, and the writer's who provide that content. As Info Barrel continues to grow, writers will naturally find that their articles are trafficked more often, and, subsequently, begin to earn much much more. Not only is Info Barrel building a viable company, but they are taken the necessary steps to safeguard their writers, and, most importantly (to you and I), the revenue of individual writers as well as the company. As long as Info Barrel maintains quality control of its content, it will continue to gain favor in Google and writers will make significantly more.
  • Whether a writer gets 20 views to their article, or 1,000 views, Info Barrel affords their writers a clear and transparent 75-90% of all advertisement revenue generated by their respective articles. In my honest opinion, this revenue share model is far superior than Bukisa's revenue share model. Writers are treated fairly at Info Barrel, and are afforded a fix percentage of revenue regardless of how successful they are at driving traffic to their articles.
  • Bukisa appears to have what, at least initially, appears to be a very lucrative referral program. Remember, however that you not only have to convince people to join Bukisa under your referral link, but they also need to actively promote their own articles. If your referrals do not achieve at least 1,000 page views on their articles, you will receive nothing. As a Bukisa writer, you get 25% of the payment of your direct referrals, 6.25% of the revenue share payment of your second level referrals, and 1.5625% of the revenue share payment of your third level referrals. When one does the math behind these numbers, this really doesn't ADD up to that much in regards to how much the referee can actually walk away with. A referrer must hope that their referral will be extremely active in promoting content, or they will receive nothing.
  • While the percentage of payment allocation appears to be lower, I would have to say that Info Barrel's referral program has a bit of a leg up on Bukisa's referral program because of the fact that each referee does not have to have at least 1,000 article views on their content. On Info Barrel, if you refer someone, you will earn a lifetime 2% revenue share on all their hosted advertisements, regardless of whether their article is viewed 10 times or 1,000 times.
  • In a world where people constantly have a million and 1 messages bombarding them at any one time, unless one has their own very well established website or blog, gaining 1,000 views may not be a very easy thing for 95% of Bukisa user's to achieve. Bukisa knows this, and, I believe, this is why they have structured their revenue share model in this manner. For the effort they are expected to exert for any type of payment whatsoever, I do not believe that writing for Bukisa is "worth it" in the long run.
  • With their referral program structure in the manner it has been, it is easy to see why people would jump at it. On the surface 25% appears to be a lot, however, very few people will explore further into what will be expected of them to earn anything at all on Bukisa. Also, there has been great criticism regarding what exactly Bukisa considers a "Page view". With so much uncertainty, I have personally chosen to steer clear of Bukisa.
Info Barrel Articles about Bukisa
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Great controversy has been bred by the recent practices of eHow. While some writers still manage to make great passive residual income from eHow, this particular website platform has justifiably caused many of its most longterm and passionate writers to seemingly question why they even began writing for them in the first place. A plethora of bitter user experiences can be found throughout cyberspace, as well as, embedded within their own forum. Sadly, their own forum has become essentially a cesspool for these disgruntled users who have extreme difficulty saying anything positive about this company. On the reverse side, as I had mentioned before, many writers do manage to do really quite well with eHow.

  • I walk a very thin line here with attempting to detail "advantages" of eHow, because I have just experienced so many issues with their website platform ranging from blugs and glitches to nearly inexistent customer service. For the purpose of this article, however, I will do my best to remain objective. If you are interested, I have spent months writing articles detailing my experiences with eHow. Those articles can be viewed at the tail end of this eHow section, along with the articles of other Info Barrel writers.
  • There are many people that earn quiet a bit from eHow. While this is true, because I forsee serious issues with developing a company with real longterm growth and viability, I have (personally) chosen not to invest my own time and effort into their particular website platform.
  • When eHow is not experiencing a bug or glitching up, they really do have an aesthetically pleasing interface. One cannot help but feel a sense of warmness and welcoming when they initially join eHow, which, is perhaps one of the reasons why it is so hard for these writers to peel themselves away, and give them the benefit of the doubt, when they experience painful glitch after painful glitch, along with faulty customer service and even shadier user transparency.
  • eHow appears to have a rather active user forum, however, one has only to visit it to become instantly inundated with a massive amount of justified user complaints. Deep feelings of hurt and user neglect are palpable to the extreme. In fact, my own discovery and decision to write for Info Barrel was a result of a referral link recommendation placed by one of eHow's most influential, top-earning, members.
  • No transparency regarding earnings. While most websites reveal the exact percentage of revenue share given to writers who provide content, eHow does not provide this very basic information. With this void of information, I don't personally like to write form eHow, because I see it as being a mild indicator of possibly even greater transparency "issues". Adhering to the advice of a close friend, who advised me to "steer clear" of any website that refuses to reveal even their own revenue share allocation percentage, I have decided not to write for eHow altogether.
  • At the time of this writing, eHow does not currently have a referral program. While eHow makes hundred/thousands of dollars daily, their very platform functionality is inundated with a plethora of examples regarding how very little they actually "give back" to their own writers. This is evidenced by countless blog posts that have been written by once longterm eHow writers.
  • While eHow's massive, site-wide, article sweeps have been deemed a 'necessity' by those who stand to loose the most when members delete their articles, leave, and thus potentially affect the earning's potential of the collective, these action are really only serving to significantly hurt people. Where many work-at-home mothers have gravitated to eHow under the promise of great riches, these article sweeps have claimed the lives of articles that bring in revenue for their very own monthly livelihood. To eHow, deleting an article that makes $50 extra a month may not mean very much, it does mean alot to the person who is just struggling to get by and relies on those monthly payouts.
  • Some will argue that their articles would have never been deleted had they adhered to eHow's vague guidelines. Unfortunately, this doesn't account for the fact that those very articles clearly reached eHow's standards when they were initially submitted. Why would eHow wait months, until an article becomes a high earning article, to delete an article? This is further evidence substantiating the fact that eHow does not have a firm grasp over the quality control process governing it's very own company. The true victims are the writers who submit their content, in good faith, only to find that it doesn't meet eHow's "guidelines" and is deleted months later.
Compared to Info Barrel
  • Unlike eHow, Info Barrel maintain complete transparency over it's revenue share payment allocation framework. While Info Barrel members know, before writing, that they are afforded 75-90% of all their Google Adsense Revenue, many eHow members continue to write for eHow while not being given the simple courtesy of providing their percentage of revenue share.
  • Info Barrel offers multiple article formats. While many people may find eHow as a result of a specific query about "How-to" do something, a vast majority of queries can't be addressed with a simple "How-to" article. This is a very clear and present limitation that Info Barrel has addressed in its multiple article template functionality.
  • Info Barrel does not conduct massive site-wide "article sweeps", that have only served to drive their most longterm and passionate members away (like eHow), in the name of a late attempt at quality control. While eHow funneled thousands of dollars into building a massive database of users and articles, they simply failed to apply the same fundamental quality control principles that Info Barrel has addressed in its initial 10-article manual submission review process.
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  1. Is eHow Failing its Users? -- x3xsolxdierx3x
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  • eHow Article Sweeps -- The Good, Bad, and Ugly -- passivefamilyincome.com
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Instructables LOGO

  • With almost 15,000 Facebook fans on it's Facebook Fan Page, at the time of this writing, "Instructables" clearly has exerted an influence that they can easily 'tap into' for future updates, and to further engage users. Of all the websites listed, "Instructables" appears to be the only one utilizing Facebook to such an extent in order to promote its brand, and it's website offerings.
  • This is the only website platform, that I am familiar with, that actually charges its very own members in order to provide content to it. While similar websites give back to their writers, in the form of revenue share, Instructables has founded its company on a business plan that continually 'takes' from its users. It has still to be seen if this is a viable, longterm business plan, however, I am a bit skeptical about their potential for success, especially when they not only charge their users to provide content, but, then, they also go ahead and host advertisements on that same content. They clearly make alot of revenue off of their writers, but, what do they 'give back' to them?

Compared to Info Barrel

Info Barrel Articles about Instructables

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Xomba LOGO



Compared to Info Barrel

Info Barrel Articles about Xomba

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Helium LOGO



Compared to Info Barrel

Info Barrel Articles about Helium
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HubPages LOGO Image



Compared to Info Barrel

Info Barrel Articles about HubPages

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Compared to Info Barrel

Info Barrel Articles about suite101
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Compared to Info Barrel

Info Barrel Articles about WiseGEEK

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Compared to Info Barrel

Info Barrel Articles about HowToDoThings

Adsense Sharing Websites

In the comment's section below, it would be an absolute honor to have you share your experiences with any of the above listed website platforms!

*Fellow Info Barrel writer, jcmayer777 and I, created this 6-book course over 5 months!...We launched it on WarriorForum at a VERY highly discounted rate...This price will not last much longer. You can see it here:

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Dec 3, 2009 6:33am

This article is a Work-in-Progress. Stay-tuned! :)
Dec 3, 2009 6:44am
Hi Howie,
I see that you are still working on this article but I wanted to ask if you have written for all of these sites. I am looking for another site where I can post "news" based articles, I found out we cant post them here and I have been looking for a good place to put them. So far what I have read about Triond and Bukisa does not look promising. I already write for Associated Content and there is little money in that I was just looking at Xomba right before you posted this, lol! It sounds similar to Info Barrel in that you make adsense revune? I just dont want to waist my time. I would love to put everything here but it seems I cant. :( What is your runner up to Info Barrel? Thanks, Emily
Dec 3, 2009 6:57am
hey emily! :)

....the thing is, long before I found Info Barrel, I actually dabbled in quite a few other websites....namely eHow, and Squidoo. (lol...from previous posts, I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of how I feel towards eHow...lol)......

....I still love Squidoo as a runner up to Info Barrel, but it really is SO HARD to earn there......I have nearly 80 or so 'lenses' there, and one that maintained a rank of #2 in the business category (which is probably one of the most competitive categories) for quite a few months strait...and, I would be lucky to break $20/month on all of those lenses on Squidoo....

I LOVE the charity aspect of Squidoo, but, unfortunately, because its so hard to earn from Squidoo, only a few cents per month go to charities....

....oh, and I completely understand not wanting to waste your time....sometimes I feel like I have, but fortunately, I've been able to use alot of that experience to prepare articles like this so that others can avoid my pitfalls.....it's been a huge case of trial and error for me.....lol
Dec 3, 2009 7:00am
lol....and just posting the pictures here took like 20 minutes...but, by the time I wanted to finish this article, I got a case of writer's fatigue and decided to step back a bit.....

i'll definitely finish the article later....i may cut and paste some of it from the eBook....Jason and I have a huge chapter on the strengths and weaknesses of similar platforms.....

Unfortunately, I do know that many writers may not be earning immensely from Info Barrel quite yet, but, if their growth trends are any indicator, I don't expect that to be the case for very much longer....they are really growing by leaps and bounds, and as people join and provide more content, Google will look upon it very favorably, and, in turn, writers will begin to make ($$$) alot more....
Dec 3, 2009 7:03am
oh...and from the looks of my spreadsheet, it looks like HubPages could be a viably place to provide content to, as well....diversifying, just like anything, is usually the best way to go...

in the eBook, I describe Info Barrel as probably one of the largest slivers in a massive 'passive income' pie....writers should probably consider spreading out their work, however, I DO spend alot more time on Info Barrel in comparison to other websites....

and, lately, I've really only used Squidoo to link back to my Info Barrel articles....lol
Dec 3, 2009 7:08am
Hi Howie, I seem to recall reading somewhere that your friend makes 3 digits a month, I was wondering how much do you make from all your internet properties, as well as just from infobarrel only?
Dec 3, 2009 7:17am
hey csjun89...

the tricky thing about Info Barrel is that it's fairly new to the revenue sharing scene.....however, in my honest opinion, its business plan is far superior to even the highest ranked competitors in this industry....

....so, Info Barrel has a great framework, but, doesn't quite have the extensive membership and article database that websites like eHow have.....with that will come greater earnings for individual writers....

....with 3 months of writing for Info Barrel, I have been pushing around $150/month.....roughly $5.00/day x 30 days in a month....those have been my earnings here....

....I do about $30/month through Squidoo....

I had done VERY well with eHow, but I had to make a VERY difficult decision that many writers are faced with.....I saw very longterm growth, and viability, in Info Barrel....so, literally overnight, I did a mass deletion of all 150+ of my articles (at the time), from eHow.....I didn't feel comfortable writing for them AT ALL.....

....I wouldn't exert this much time writing for Info Barrel had I not believed that it has the business plan established to push a rank of under 5,000......it is just a matter of time before it begins to seriously compete with HubPages,Squidoo, and eHow....

So....I kind of look at it as being at the bottom level of a killer stock......

.....not everyone has the 'ability' or is in the financial position just to strip all their articles off of another website, like eHow, so I completely understand that....
Dec 3, 2009 7:22am
....and before setting out to write the Info Barrel Success eBook, even though I had done great on eHow previously, I really felt the need to team up with someone who has been making ALOT on Info Barrel. Jcmayer777 (jason), my partner, has been pushing $500/month on Info Barrel, and that doesn't include the 4 or 5 competitions he's won here....

even though I don't consider my earnings here "scraps", they really are pale in comparison to some of the earners, on eHow, who pull in several thousand a month........with time, and the collective effort, Info Barrel WILL gain the authority and favor necessary to bring in writer's substantial monthly income....

....and, if eHow doesn't make some changes fast, they could really be in for a rude awakening in this industry....
Dec 3, 2009 7:50am
Interesting research here. Any advices on optimizing infobarrel articles to get better ranking in the search engine results?
Dec 3, 2009 8:13am
phew....where do I begin?....lol....SEO is a huge topic that has been covered, in depth, by many many experts in the area.....it's so important and critical to an Info Barrel writer's success, however, that we actually made it its own separate "Guide" accompanying our main eBook......

as it stands, alone, our SEO Guide is almost 30 pages (with great detail and screen captures).....by the time it is complete, this "guide" will be probably more near 50-60 pages.... (which is basically an eBook all in itself....lol)....

It made the most sense to have jason (jcmayer777 here on Info Barrel) write this guide, because SEO is a strong contributor to how he makes almost $500/month on Info Barrel........

HERE is an excerpt:

"Now that you have an idea what to look for, you should also consider the competition you will face. Competition for high Google placement is fierce, with only minor differences separating the top result from the twentieth result, in most cases. While it is sometimes successful to write articles with intense competition, those without extensive keyword density knowledge may wish to try a safer approach. The safe approach, in many cases, will pay much better than the high risk/high competition approach.

Essentially, you are dealing with odds. If you write on keywords and phrases with high search volume, and low competition, it’s only natural to assume you stand a better chance of making more money with the articles. While there are no guarantees, the odds are that it will hold true.

Long tail keywords are simply longer phrases used. Long tail keywords and key phrases are essentially the same thing. Sticking with the four wheeler example, you will see that there are choices for “Raptors four wheelers” and “cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars.” The longer keywords will typically be easier to land on the front page of the Google results, assuming you are able to achieve prime keyword density, and use synonyms effectively."
Dec 3, 2009 8:16am
I'm one of the many who is getting more and more upset with Ehow. I write for a couple of the sites you have mentioned here. I really love the comparison chart you have included - it makes it super simple to compare the different sites. Thank you!
Dec 3, 2009 8:30am
I'm glad it could help, missmelinda! :) It's actually a work in progress, because I'm exploring possibly adding other companies, as well as, other category functionality breakdowns....

as you can see, it does lend to favor Info Barrel significantly....that wasn't necessarily the goal when I had first started creating/researching for the spreadsheet, however, it ended up being that Info Barrel just flat out beat alot of other sites in the functionality categories listed....

stay-tuned, because I am still working on this article! It's getting really quite detailed....
Dec 3, 2009 8:47am
What has happened to make you upset with eHow, missmelinda? Have you had articles deleted?
Dec 8, 2009 8:52am
I think I've had over 40 articles deleted there since they first started their "sweeps". Some I agreed with because they were some of my first ones, but many were deleted and the reason isn't real clear to me. If they would make those reasons clear (specific to each article they delete) and put them back into draft status, it wouldn't be so frustrating.
Dec 3, 2009 10:06am
I write for Ehow, Bukisa and Info Barrel and use Xomba and She Told Me for bookmarking. Ehow was the first website that I learned about and was happy with my results at first but I have had about 200 articles deleted but it is still my top earning website so far. Bukisa is alright, I found some topics that have low CPC that I write about on Bukisa that have a high search volume and have had no problem ranking well with them. Some of my articles on Bukisa wouldn't make any money on Info Barrel or Ehow because of the CPC but have made good money because of the views. I just recently started writing on Info Barrel but I do like the structure. I like each website for different reasons but I plan on making Info Barrel my main source of income eventually. I love being able to use multiple revenue sharing websites using my google adsense publisher's ID because I do not have to check 10 different websites for earnings updates. It makes it much easier to reach payout by using multiple websites on the same earning system. This is some great information in this article, I have been planning on checking out HubPages but have not gotten around to it.
Dec 3, 2009 10:12pm

I know this comment was for Howie, but I feel the need to comment. I sort of agree with you on placing low CPC topics on Bukisa, but there are tons of ways to generate better paying ads.

Bukisa gives you about $3.50 - $4.00 per thousand "unique views that accept our advertising." You can generally do much better, even if you cannot generate ads over $1. I have several that pay much less per click, but still make me well over $5 per month. One in particular makes about $25.00 per month.

Like you though, I do have a few that I think could do okay on Bukisa.
Dec 3, 2009 10:17pm
Interesting point, Jason.

...maybe it's just me, but I'm not a big fan of any site that says it'll pay "per thousand unique views".....I know that certainly works in the company's best interest by providing an incentive for writer's to actively promote their articles....but....hm......

On those 1,000 unique views, the company could probably pull in $15-$20 from the hosted advertisements....plus, there just seems like there could be way too many ways for them to somehow "screw" writers.....

What happens if the company doesn't count certain views as being "unique" or something like that?....not 100% sure how that works, but, I really like Info Barrel's payment model the best....simple and to the point...
Dec 3, 2009 10:31am
I noticed you have "Yes" on your chart for Infobarrel USER Forum, does this site actually have a forum? I was looking through the links here but couldn't find one. Can I get a link please?
Dec 3, 2009 10:34am
oh, I'm sorry about that Peoplescontent......because a similar version of this chart will probably be viewable on our eBook page, I had included that because Info Barrel will have a forum very soon...

I spoke to Ryan and Kevin, and, about a week ago they began developing/hacking the forum......in fact, I spoke to Ryan yesterday and he said the forum should be released within the next day or two.....

...so, I guess i jumped the gun just a 'tad'....lol....but, I know it's just about done and will be released soon....
Dec 4, 2009 3:43am
WOW! All of the comments had alot of information in them. I know for a fact Bukisa screws writers. I have posted an article on Bukisa and another one on Examiner and promoted the exact same way with Twitter, Facebook etc. Using Bit.ly to track clicks to the articles. With similar numbers of clicks from the same sources Examiner showed a lot closer to my stats. Bukisa is ALWAYS way low.
Dec 4, 2009 6:51am
hey Ernie!

the funny thing is is that I don't have very much experience with Bukisa (and, probably, rightly so...lol).....

....would you mind if I included a Link to your article, in this article? I also want to use this article to compile and consolidate Info Barrel articles about those respective platforms....

....knowledge is power...

...."the more you know"....lol :)
Dec 4, 2009 7:11pm
You can link to my articles anytime you want. Feel free.
Dec 17, 2009 11:08am
phew...did you break down and change your profile pic, Ernie? lol...my fiance said your last one gave her nightmares... :)
Dec 4, 2009 9:20am
Howie, I started writing for Helium and it was great. the contests got me started writing after failures with novels and short stories. Then I went to Hubpages and loved that because it was a different concept you can delete and edit etc which you do not have the same control at helium.
Now I am here and loving it. With the help from guys like you I think I am learning more with keywords etc. Just wanted to say thank for the great help you give to everyone.
Dec 4, 2009 7:31pm
Hey guys, the forum is officially live! You can should be able to see a link to it in the Infobarrel navigation bar. Make sure you drop an introduction post to let everyone know who you are.
Dec 7, 2009 3:22pm
Thank you for this, and the chart is great. I just finished my first article for Info Barrel. I'm going to review it before I submit it.
Dec 8, 2009 1:44am
I also studied deeply about all other article submission websites. But i like Info Barrel than others. That's the reason why i chose Info Barrel.
Dec 8, 2009 7:38am
I just noticed that a few comments above, Eileen had the same problem with Hellium that I did. You must request to have an article deleted, and the also don't let you edit your articles easily, like here. You only get a certain number of what they call "leap frogs" (which is how you edit or replace an article. I don't love that system, because sometimes articles just need to be updated or corrected, and it seems like a lengthy process.
On the bright side of Hellium, they have a TON of writing contests with a LARGE variety of topics to choose from. I think this topic may call for an article... Mmmm...
Dec 8, 2009 7:40am
lol...do it ljbinkop! Just let me know once you publish...then, I can link this article to it! :):)
Dec 8, 2009 9:03am
Will do, Howie! I was actually blogging today about Info Barrel vs. eHow. If you want to check it out and maybe link it in your ehow section, it might fit into your grand scheme! The link to my blog is on my Profile page or it is on all of my Signatures. Thanks!
Dec 8, 2009 9:19am
Done! :)
Dec 8, 2009 9:34am
ljbinkop...if you ever write any more, here or on your blog, just let me know! Even if you want to write about other sites, I'll include those links, as well ;) :)
Dec 8, 2009 10:07am
Thanks again, Howie! I will most likely be blogging about Hellium instead of writing an article about it here. Most of what I want to say is my opinions, not cold, hard fact, so I think a blog is a better palce for it. I will definately link this article in my blog, too! Done:)
Dec 10, 2009 4:39pm
I have also written a bit for hubpages. I would say they are tied with infobarrel at the momment. Even though they only offer 60% adsense revenue their CTR is huge compared to infobarrel. If infobarrel wants to improve anything they should borrow hubpages ad layout.
I have also noticed that hubpages rank higher than infobarrels right out of the gate. They also have an excellent article submission method as well as ebay/amazon modules.

I like the concept. I will be sure and read this page again when you finish it.
Dec 12, 2009 1:01am
I've been finding many of my ehow friends here on infobarrel and Xomba. It seems every time they do a "sweep" they discourage us from posting on their site and encourage us to find alternate platforms. I started a blog about my ehow experiences at www.ehowarticlesbybestmommy.blogspot.com. I haven't updated it lately but it does have some interesting comments from the ehow community. Feel free to link to it if you'd like. Thanks for putting together this comparison of revenue sharing sites. It's very helpful!
Dec 29, 2009 7:42am
Excellent article with a lot of good information. Currently eHow is not on my list of places I am publishing at simply because of the sweeps. I currently have about 80 articles of there and have only lost 4 to the sweeps but that is 4 too many, especially when the reason they are deleted is not clear.

I also use to publish at helium but I haven't written anything there in over a year. I am not a fan of the "rating" system.

I am very new to info barrel so I can't honestly say anything about earnings at this point but I do enjoy the fact that I can write about anything. The site is also easy to use and I have found the questions I have are answered quickly. So hopefully this one will be a winner =)
Jan 9, 2010 7:12pm
I write news articles for Digital Journal http://www.DigitalJournal.com and find it fun and educational. A writing sample is part of the application process.

Staff editors make edits on live articles or email requests for them, as needed. Actually, all digital journalists can edit all DJ articles for 3 days (a feature for speeding up embarrassing, egregious typo and grammatical or factual error removal), but the original writer must approve and apply the edits made by other digital journalists.

DJ has a different payment system from any you have reviewed above, with a "pot" that gets divided once/month among the digital journalists, by rank (figured by a "secret" formula that factors in a few things like votes and page views, somehow).

Each digital journalist's place and earnings are based upon the most recent two months of published articles, if I understand it correctly. So currently active writers are favored with a bigger pot of money to go around.

There are groups to join instead of a forum. I have earned noticeable money there, so far, not vast sums, even though I have posted just over 2 dozen articles by now.

Examiner.com is another place to get paid to write news-type articles. I am the Milwaukee Airline/Airport Examiner. I don't know or cannot remember Examiner's pay scheme, but so far I have earned about a third of what I have on DJ for about the same number of articles, published over roughly the same period.

Their application process includes a writing sample too.

But WOW -- This article is sure amazingly helpful, I must say! Thank-you for posting it. I shall return eagerly to read more, as you continue writing it.

I just signed up here and have been perusing articles, getting a feel for this place before I post.
Jan 31, 2010 8:49pm
Hi, I am completely new here, as I have just gotten my first article published today. I really loved the article. It has alot of information that will be usful to me. I am actually new to all of the writing online. I am a stay at home mom that homeschools my children and in my sparetimeI was looking for something to add to our income. Some of the comments mentioned things like the signatures (what are they for and how do you include them) also I don't want to seem like an idiot but I am totally new to this posting backlinks and bookmarks and everyhintg else..any information helps thanks.
Feb 24, 2010 9:14am
Great article Howie,
This information will be very useful to new writers and veterans.
Feb 24, 2010 9:16am
Thanks so much, CWilliams! It's still a MASSIVE work in progress though....there's ALOT to write about....
Feb 24, 2010 9:21am
I can see that! Whew, it is definitely a massive undertaking, but worth it. This information will keep a lot of people from making the mistakes we did. Looking back now, I wish this information would have been out there before I fell into a certain websites trap. (you know which one) Everything that I saw about them suggested the company was great. It seems that so many were looking through rose colored glasses. Writers will be able to do much better knowing the pros and cons beforehand.
Feb 24, 2010 9:38am
Which one? lol (just kidding) :)
May 9, 2010 3:02pm
Wow Howie you are really providing some great help for me here. I am so glad that people are so transparent and helpful here like you are. I appreciate it.
Jun 24, 2010 11:23pm
Very well put together article. Of the places you've mentioned, I have written for Bukisa, Ehow, Suite 101, Hubpages, wiseGEEK, and I'm new to Infobarrel. I have submitted 5 articles to Bukisa, thinking it was a good thing, but after reading what you wrote I'm not so sure my time spent there is very valuable. I am currently in the testing phase for wiseGEEK. They offer upfront pay, $10 to $14 an article. It's not too bad if you're in the "need money now" club, as so many people are, but unlike Infobarrel, you won't continue to earn revenue off what you've written for years to come and you have to choose from titles, don't get to pick your own :( But it's immediate money in the pocket, so I would have to say worth a try on that one if you need $$ fast.
Nov 5, 2010 4:59pm
I just click on this article from your book. I have written for eHow, HowToDoThings.com, Helium, Associated Content, HubPages, InfoBarrel, Xomba, and more.

I made over $100 a month from the 112 articles I had at HowToDoThings.com. I decided not to write for them anymore. At first that didn't do anything to me or my earnings, but they changed their user agreement so that you have to be active. I lost all that passive earnings and was locked out of my account. Having had experience with their poor customer service I have just left it like that.

I make a couple hundred each month from the 60 articles I have at eHow, but I don't want to deal with their new system and have heard really bad things.

My two big ones are InfoBarrel (earnings going up nicely) and HubPages (earnings are growing there as well)...so...hopefully I can reach my goal of $4000 a month in the next couple of years. :-P

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work a lot of people need your help, me included!
Nov 13, 2010 9:18pm
Interesting comparisons. I played with Bukisa for w while. Then I got disgusted and moved most of my articles to Hubpages. I left one article at Bukisa, just to see how it would do. According to my stats there, that article has gotten a total of 16 "unique" views in almost 2 years. Interestingly enough, the articles I moved, all on the same basic topic and with similar keywords and on page SEO, are ranked near the top of page 1 on Google and each one pulls about 100 views per day.That last article will be coming down soon.
Nov 15, 2010 5:00pm
You should mention how many links that they include in the article and whether they are dofollow or not? That's another advantage for infobarrel BTW.
Apr 13, 2011 11:48am
i have tried squidoo and i never earned..
Apr 13, 2011 11:52am
by the way thanks for the information.. have learned a lot with this article...
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