Paul Redmayne

Penny auctions sites are quite popular as many online users are attracted to the variety of offers that they provide to users who are signed up with them. The model on which Blue Bird Bids is built on is unique which involves the purchase of a number of bids that cost a dollar each. These bids allow the user to bid on any of the items displayed on the auction site so as to be able to participate and eventually buy the desired item.

The bidding process that users on Blue Bird Bids use to place bids on a variety of items on display is quite simple thereby making it quite easy for even first time visitors to try out their luck. After signing up on the site to get an account, the new user only has to purchase the number of bids they desire and identify an item that they would like to bid on. Most times there may be other people bidding on the same product, but if they place the last bid on the product then they win the bid and can buy it at the bidding price, which is usually quite fair. In addition, the users of the auction site have to regularly purchase bids if they want to place bids on more than one product thereby increasing their chances of winning.

Blue Bird Bids auction site has been growing steadily with its users growing as well leading to the re launch of site. According to the information given on the homepage of the site that is being reconstructed, users should expect an updated version that will be better than the previous site. Some of the updates highlighted include easier of navigation on the site especially when signing up, buying and placing of bids on the site. Furthermore, users will be able to automatically synchronize their accounts on their .com websites and their new .biz accounts to make the use of the Blue Bird Bids site more effective for them. Corporate account holders using the auction site to offer their products also have their organization better represented among other benefits.

The great strides that the Blue Bird Bids site has made over the years can be attributed to its President, Paul Redmayne who is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive. Through his leadership, the auction site has managed to increase the number of users signing up to be able to place bids and purchase a desired site. Blue Bird bids has grown from a simple penny auction site to an e-commerce business site that is set to take over the world of auction sites by improving their services and working with some of their affiliates as well. Overall, Blue Bird Bids is an auction site that is worth a try as the benefits to users is unrivalled among other similar sites that offer such services.