If you have healthy eyes, a thin layer of tears will be formed underneath the lens. However, when this layer begins to dry out, the lens will start to feel dry. Dry eyes from contact lenses could be quite annoying, unpleasant, and cause you to rub your eyes.

Although contacts are a contributing factor to dry eyes, there are more factors too, one of these factors is your natural ability to produce tears. Some people may produce less tears than others, which could really be a problem while wearing contacts. As you get older, the tears that you produce will start to decrease.

The surroundings is a second factor. If you work in a factory or an area that's over heated, or subjected to debris or fumes, your eyes will quickly dry out. The more your eyes are subjected to these kinds of conditions, the more dry they'll become. After several hours, you might find yourself being forced to remove your contact lenses because of the annoying dryness.

You will find however, some kinds of contacts that could help with dryness as well. Most of the contacts are created from water and polymers, and also most of them are over 50% water. Although the lens is wet and might feel comfortable in your eye, the water will begin to evaporate from the lens after you wear it. When this takes place, the lens will get moisture from the tears in your eyes, and this will lead to dryness. If the lens contains plenty of water, then it's likely to lose moisture during the day.

With dryness being a popular problem for a lot of people who wear contacts, producers are trying to create contact lenses that can remain comfortable through the day. Dry eyes are the most common cause for irritation, and the primary reason about why people decide to stop trying contact lenses and simply choose eyeglasses to fix their eyesight.

Out of all the various contact lenses available on the market, Acuvue Oasys are probably the most popular. Even though they're relatively new, they're specifically made for those who work or reside in dry environments. These contact lenses contain a specific agent for rewetting purposes, that helps the lens remain wet, even if your eyes are not producing enough tears. They're daily wear contact lenses, and need to be soaked in solution during the night and changed every 2 weeks or so.

Although there are many contacts on the market that are good for dry eyes, Acuvue are believed to be the best brand name. No matter which kind of contacts you wear, you should always care for them. You should clean them once taken off, and soak them in solution during the night. By doing this, you will prevent protein accumulation and make sure that you're putting clean contacts back into your eyes.

Although dry eyes are very common, you could correct the problem by using the proper pair of contact lenses. You could also get rewetting or saline drops too, to put in your eyes when they begin to feel dry. These drops are the recommended method of dealing with dry and irritable eyes, as they can produce enough moisture. You could purchase rewetting or saline drops department shops, and they won't cost you much money.