The Key To Men's Fat Loss

There are thousands of programs out there claiming to hold the truth to fat loss. Every single fat loss system for men claims to be the holy grail for building your dream body.The answer is actually a lot less complex than you think, and if you understand the truth about fat loss than there is no reason for you to waste your money on dvd's or books that claim to give you the information you need to lose fat.

The truth about fat loss for men- The truth is simple, you have to create a calorie deficit. A calorie is a measurement of energy, food contains calories, you need calories to live. Consume more calories than you burn and your body stores the calories as fat, consume fewer calories than you burn and your body is forced to burn fat (and muscle, but we'll get to that). I said that it was simple, but its not that simple. Eating less isn't an effective way to lose fat, and can actually make you fatter than you were when you started. The key is your metabolism.

Your Metabolism

Your Most Powerful Tool

Your metabolism decides how many calories you burn throughout the day. If your metabolism burns 2,000 calories a day and you consume 2,500 then you will gain weight, if your metablosim consumes 3,000 calories and you consume 2,500 then you will lose weight. This means that you don't have to change how much you eat to lose weight, you have to build up your metabolism. You don't do this through dieting. To build your metabolism you need to build muscle, do interval training, and eat frequently.

Why You Shouldn't Diet

If you are going hungry than you are already making a huge mistake. The truth about mens fat loss is that you don't need to go hungry to lose weight, in fact that will put you worse off than you started.

Going hungry kills your metabolism, it puts your body into starvation mode. This means that your body burns the least amount of calories as possible. You may lose weight by reducing the amount of food you eat, in fact you probably will. This weight loss isn't perminent though, let me explain.

When you lose weight through dieting your body is forced to consume itself for energy. Not only does it consume fat it consumes muscle. The less muscle you have the lower your metabolism, so now that you've lost weight (a good portion of it muscle) your metabolism is durastically lower. Once you finally cave and eat normally again you end up gaining more weight than you lost.

You NEED To Build Muscle

The more muscle that you have the higher your metabolism. This is the secret to men's fat loss. When you build muscle you increase your metabolism, this means that you can create a calorie deficit without dieting and starving yourself. This weight loss is long-term, unlike that fat loss you get from dieting alone.

Do The Right Kind of Cardio

Hours of long boring cardio workouts are not the key to fat loss. The good news is that the type of cardio training you should be doing to burn fat are short, the bad news is that they are very challenging.

If you jog 3 miles you will only burn 300 calories, about the equivalent of burning off a pop tart. The answer is interval training.

Interval training revs up your metabolism for up to 48 hours after you finish your workout. This means that though you don't burn a significant amount of calories during the workout, you will continue to burn fat for hours after you are done, making interval training the superior cardio method for fat loss.

Eat Right

I already said that you shouldn't diet, but this doesn't mean that you don't need to eat right. You should have a nutrient rich diet, this means plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. 

You need carbrohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats to fuel your workouts, muscle growth, and ultimately your fat loss.

The Key To Fat Loss For Men

So whats the key to men's fat loss? Well its pretty darn simple actually. The combination of proper muscle building, interval training, and eating habits will yield results you've always wanted.

The truth about fat loss for men: Going hungry is wrong, building muscle, revving up your metabolism, and choosing healthy foods is right.