Because of media, their are many stereotypes and misconceptions of sororities and fraternities. Some of these many stereotypes and misconceptions are Greeks party too much, they are stupid, they are paying for friends and hazing . All four of these stereotypes and misconceptions are wrong about Greek life. 


Pop culture has convinced society that all Greek organizations are all about the partying. Many movies about sororities or fraternities seem to portray them as groups of rich colleges students that party all the time. The truth is Greek’s party no more than non Greeks in college. Many Greek organizations on college campuses across the United States can receive negative consequences from the school or national organization for hosting parties. 

Greeks are Stupid

Contrary to popular belief from the media, members of Greek communities are very smart and motivated people. To be recruited future members have to have a certain GPA. This is usually a minimum of a 2.5 to 2.7. Even after recruitment members must stay in good academic standing to remain a member of their chapter. Also, most chapters require their members to complete an amount of study hours each week. My sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha requires its members to complete a minimum of four study hours in the library every week. Because of the academic standards set by the chapters, students belonging to the Greek community usually have an overall higher GPA than other students on campus.

You are Paying for Friends

Like many organizations there is a fee to help keep the organization running. For sororities and fraternities member dues are used to pay for everything from philanthropy events, national fees to sisterhood or brotherhood events to professional development events. If a sorority or fraternity has a house the member dues may be used to pay for room and board. 


Pop culture has convinced society that hazing is a part of Greek life. Again and again movies show potential new members of a sorority or fraternity being hazed just so they can join. This is completely the opposite of what the media portrays to us. At my University, Minnesota State University, Mankato and most other Universities in the United States have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hazing. If a chapter is caught hazing a student, they could be shut down for good!