Many people have the dream of making money online, but most do not know how to actually achieve that dream. In the ten years that I have been working online, blogging has been the number one topic brought to me by individuals. While I don't mind talking about blogging and the ease of pushing your ideas out on the web, I refuse to tell people that it is an easy way to make money. Yes, blogging is a great way to share your ideas, but there is a harsh truth about making money by blogging.

A simple Google search on how to "make money online" will bring anyone thousands of results. There are so many websites that will show you how to make money or give you the "secret" to living the rich life, but few actually provide substantial information or clues into how hard making money online really is. After scanning through the results, a searcher can find that most websites talk about making money through blogging. In fact, most of these websites that provide you with the way to blog to the bank are blogs themselves. About 97% of the blogs providing tips and tricks about blogging for money are actually not making any money at all. They want to get you in so they can sell you a product or service, which is where they make there money.

Most of the products or services that guarantee you results are giving you information you could get for free. There is nothing new in the blogging industry that is going to take anyone by storm or provide you with a way to make millions just by writing a few blog posts. This just isn't reality and hopefully you will not get duped into thinking that you can make millions by paying $19.95 for an E-book. Two of the best places to learn about blogging for money is from John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker. Both of these bloggers are the leads in the industry and they give all of their tips away for free. The reason that they do so is because they make money from advertisers and affiliate programs. The more visitors that they get, the bigger their paychecks are. These two bloggers are the exception, not the rule. These bloggers have the three keys that anyone needs to be successful, which are Popular Niches, Knowledge, and Dedication.

Popular Niche

A niche is an industry segment that provides a certain appeal. Blogging is a niche of the online industry as is ecommerce. There are thousands of niches out there, but not all of them are popular. If you want to try your hand at making money by blogging, then you will need to choose a popular niche. Not only do you need a popular niche, but you also need one that you are passionate about. Never choose a niche just because it has the most searches online. This is the biggest mistake for most newcomers to the blogging scene. The largest niche is for making money online, which is not a surprise. This niche also has the most competition. The more competition you face, the harder it is going to be to get your blog noticed. Less popular niches that have not been filled by competitors is where one might want to start their blogging career. Though they may be a little less popular, if there isn't any authority on the subject, then maybe you can become one. Authority bloggers are the ones that make the most money.


This is probably the most obvious of the three keys, but is often overlooked. When starting blogs, most look for the quickest way to make money. They pick a great niche and create the blog, but forget that they have very little knowledge on the subject. Why would anyone visit a blog created by someone that doesn't know anything about a certain subject. That is like asking a plumber for advice on your taxes. The two just don't go together well. Knowledge is extremely important in becoming an authority blogger, but remember that you can always learn more as you go. If you have a working knowledge of your specific niche, it would good to take the time to research and learn the ins and outs of the niche. Once people trust you and your knowledge, they will continue to return to your blog for more.


Dedication is the key that is quickly forgotten. New bloggers usually have the dedication to build and market their blogs, but it soon dies after a couple of months. Blogging is not a set-it and forget-it type of business. Successful bloggers have to continually create new content and market their blog. They are dedicated to their blog and their business and will do anything they can to make it successful. If you are unable to show the dedication to your blog as you are to a full time job, then blogging for money might not be the right path for you. Blogging is just like a full time job. Many bloggers work up to 80 hours a week on their blogs between creating content, SEO, marketing, and site improvements. As I stated, blogging is not easy and if you don't take it seriously, it will never succeed. You have to be dedicated to the whole blogging process, not just the idea that you could make money.

Understanding these three keys can make it easier to succeed in blogging, but implementing them is another issue all together. Before starting your blog, make sure to research the niche and educate yourself on all aspects of that niche. After that, make sure to really sit down and think about the time that is involved. Do you have the time to dedicate to making your blog successful? If the answer is no, then you may want to hold off until the time required is there. You can always start your blog part-time and then slowly build it up as time goes on.

I hope that I do not put you off from blogging as expressing your ideas and opinions are important to our society as a whole. Without new conversation, we become stagnant and uninformed. The only thing that I ask is that you understand the truth about blogging for money. If your only purpose for blogging is to make money, then you will quickly fail. Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to succeed and after time, you can make money blogging about things that you love. The main idea to take away from this is to make sure that you enjoy what you do and don't try things just for the pure thought of money. Passion is the key to financial freedom!