Treadmills and elliptical machines have become famous in the fitness industry today. Many companies continue to provide new exercise machines with the same ideas in mind. These machines can be found in any local gym. As much as people enjoy using these machines, they aren't as effective as some might think. There is a crucial problem with these workout machines that inhibit significant weight loss. The problem with these machines is that they don't improve the body. 

The answer is pretty simple. For a workout machine to be beneficial, it must improve the body. Treadmills and elliptical machines don't improve the body and that is why professional fitness experts don't recommend them. I imagine that the average reader might be upset about this fact. How can treadmills not be effective if they are everywhere? How can elliptical machines fail to burn fat if the dashboard shows how many calories you're burning? How can these machines not be beneficial if they exhaust the body? The answer is, again, simple. 

To clarify this misconception about treadmills and elliptical machines, I will use an analogy. Imagine trying to hold up a heavy object above your head. This object is heavier than anything you'll held before. You will strain  to keep the object in the air. When you finally release the object, you'll be exhausted. You probably won't be able to lift any other heavy objects for a few hours. The next day, you try to lift this heavy object again for a longer period of time than yesterday. That is, essentially, what treadmills do to your body. Your body isn't necessarily improving but the machine is testing your perseverance. You might hold the weight for a longer period of time on the following day, but that is only because you endured the pain longer, not because you are improving. 

Another problem with treadmills and elliptical machines is that your are running or jogging in a stationary position. The machine is trying to fool your body into thinking that you are in moving forward. Physically, it may look as though you're moving forward, but your mind is tricking you as well. There is an advantage in motion that can't be achieved by exercise machines. Your body must adapt while in motion because not every step is the same. You might have to jump of a ledge or curb. Jogging on a real terrain allows your body to strain its muscles efficiently. 

There's nothing wrong with using exercise machines if you use them for the right reasons. Even experts use treadmills to accurately test their speed over a short distance. Just don't expect to lose weight by running in place.