Webanswers is a great site to use. To see how to join up with the site or for the basic overview of the site  click here. This article talks about stuff on webanswers that you might not understand if you don't know a little about the site. If you are a user of the site  or just want to know the uncensored truth about the site before you sign up them keep reading.

           Webanswers is a great site I am not disputing that. I have some complaints about the site that are worthy  of you reading below. These complaints are not just mine but are the complaints of some of webanswers users. While being on webanswers I have taken notice to the type of complaints that come in and here is a list of some of the big ones.



  • The site deletes content like crazy. I have written content and have gotten it deleted without a email or notice saying it has been deleted. Many users on webanswers complain about this issue. I am not saying the content I write shouldn't be deleted all I am saying is I deserve a notice telling why.
  • You will probably not earn 100 dollars in a month. When I got on webanswers I thought I could earn over 100 dollars a month but the truth is most people wont get that far. It took me 3-6 months just to start consistently make 30 dollars a month and that was with spending 1-2 hours a day on the site. Most new users will not even reach 10 dollars. The truth is you will probably not make a lot of money on the site. It is true people earn over 200 dollars a month but this is with a lot of hard hard work. Most of the time these people are long time users with over 10,000 answers posted and over 800 awarded answers.
  • Your account could get deleted. People can have their whole account terminated because they violated a rule on the site. My tip to prevent this from happening to you is before you join the site read the TOS policy from top to bottom. I know it's long but it will save you hours of time wasted.
  • You don't own what you write. It is actually true that in the TOS policy on the site it states after 1 year all the rights to unawarded answers content goes over to webanswers. I don't think the site enforces this policy but it is good to know the truth about the stuff you write.
  • You have to participate regularly to earn money. On webanswers part of your income comes from ads on the homepage and other parts of the site. The more active you are the higher percentage of the sites revenue goes to you.  You will notice a huge increase in earnings on the site when you are actively participating.  In other words you don't really earn passive income on the site. You only earn passive income on your awarded and unawarded answers, and if you are active on the site you will earn more money from your unawarded answers.
  • A lot of questions are asked by bots. This means the questions will never be awarded. This is good to know when answering a question.


              Yes there are many bad things about the site but overall I think it is not that bad. If you focus on writing quality content that is not copied from another site you should not face many of these issues stated above. Although the earnings are not the best working on webanswers kind of fells like fun sometimes. when asking and answering a question it feels like you are on a forum. So the bottom line is remember that not all sites are perfect webanswers is a great example of that. If you want to join the webanswers site or just check it out then click the link in my signature at the top right hand corner of this page.