If you've done any research on tanning beds at all, you've probably come across the word "Wolff". It's usually used in terms like "Wolff tanning beds" or "Wolff systems". So what's this all about anyway? Well, in this article, we'll discuss exactly this. By the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of why the Wolff name is important if you're a fan of indoor tanning.

Please note that this article isn't meant to be health related at all. We all know that there are a lot of risks associated with indoor tanning. With a tiny bit of research, I'm sure all of you can source out these risks on your own. This article is specifically written for folks who want to know why the word "Wolff" is so synonymous with tanning beds these days.

At the root of this relationship is Friedrich Wolff. This is the guy that first introduced the modern tanning bed to America back in 1978. While he initially brought an entire unit with him, complete with lamps, bulbs and a bed, he quickly got out of this business. For whatever reason, he decided to focus his efforts entirely on the lamp side of the business, selling this technology to other companies who in turn made the beds. Today the company is known as "Wolff Systems" and their products are known throughout the tanning industry for their quality and endurance. Many bed manufacturers actually refuse to use anything but Wolff lamps in their beds. These companies are leaders in the industry and include the likes of ETS Inc, Cosmedico and Sun Industries. Walk into your local Fabutan or similar tanning salon and check out the beds they use. Chances are they're made by one of the mentioned companies.

This brings up a really good point. If you're into tanning salons, you should be aware of the type of beds that they use. Low quality beds with cheap lamps can be dangerous so you want to make sure the products they use are of a high quality. One way to ensure quality is to search for the patented "Wolff System" logo. If you see this unique symbol on the bed you're about to step into, you'll know that the tan you're about to receive will be a consistent, relatively safe one. Generally speaking, tanning salons pay a premium price to use Wolff tanning beds. This increase in cost is often reflected in the price a tanner has to pay to use the bed. This increase is marginal, though, and not really a big deal when you think about the fact that your health is at stake.