Have you ever looked up in the sky and assumed that all the cloudy lines that are in what used to be the blue sky are simply contrails from jets or airplanes?  Think again, most of the time these lines are chemtrails from jets.  You will understand how to determine which clouds are contrails and which are chemtrails and the truth behind chemtrails in this article.


Contrails; which are condensation trails, are normal to see in the sky.  These trails is simply exhaust from a jet or an airplane and will disappear shortly.  If these cloudy streaks don’t disappear in a few minutes, they are probably chemtrails.  Contrails are like condensation that you would see when you breathe on a window.  You can see the fog appear and quickly disappear after a while.


You can easily spot a chemtrail simply by studying the sky for a few minutes.  It doesn’t take a genius to tell them apart.  Does the cloud that the plane left seem to be spreading?  It may start to lighten up but the cloud will disperse throughout a wide area.  Chemtrails can easily turn a beautiful blue day into a cloudy miserable day.  Most of the time pilots who fly planes for putting out chemtrails lay their clouds in patterns.  You may see several lines going back and forth or them forming a checkered box.


Usually the planes that spread this poison are too high to identify.  However, there have been photographers who were able to capture a picture of these flying objects.  They were identified as unmarked military jets.  They normally do not release until they are high enough in the sky.


Below are pictures that I have personally taken.  You can see that the blue sky starts out incredibly clear.  By the time I snapped my first picture I have already seen the chemtrails start.

ChemtrailsCredit: Lindsey Lewandowski chemtrailsCredit: Lindsey Lewandowski


Notice how many chemtrails there are already in this shot.  They are rapidly starting to spreadout as well.

chemtrailsCredit: Lindsey Lewandowski ChemtrailsCredit: Lindsey Lewandowski


Notice in this picture, the sky is quickly turny a cloudy white.  Now compare the first picture to this last one.  It is pretty amazing isn't it?  The fact that a sky can turn this quickly in a matter of 20 minutes is concerning. 

chemtrailCredit: Lindsey Lewandowski

Here is an up close picture of a chemtrail in action.  Notice how this jet is going over a forming chemtrail, criss crossing it as it is already spreading.

chemCredit: Lindsey Lewandowski


There are many explanations people have as to reasons the government is spraying chemtrails.  None of these reasons have been confirmed, they are simply opinions.  The government still denies relation to this.

  1. Some people believe that chemtrails are being sprayed as they are filled with toxic waste that is slowly killing us.  The more poison that is put into the air, the sicker we become and the more often we are required to go to the doctor.  The doctor can prescribe a prescription which feeds into the pharmaceutical business.  This could also contribute to the high levels of cancer.
  2. Others believe that the poison which is being sprayed out is causing problems with our nervous and mental system and is being used to “dumb down” the society.
  3. It has been proven that chemtrails contain levels of aluminum.  These heavy metals are extremely harmful to humans.  Could it be that the government is trying to harm us by forcing heavy metals into our bodies?  Some people who know about chemtrails think that the government is dispersing aluminum to help with global warming.  If this were the case don’t you think the government would be the first to announce their big plans to do this?


If you are interested in learning more about chemtrails I would suggest watching the videos posted below.  They are very educational and explain depth the process.


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