Joe Cross Tells His Story ...

Joe Cross made a movie titled Fat Sick and Nearly Dead based on his personal experience with dieting and his juicer.

Joe Cross had been overweight by at least 100 pounds and close to dying when he apparently discovered the answer to his  and millions of other overweight folks') prayers!

Joe's REBOOT diet: Joe decided that if he was committing himself to this new lifestyle, he'd go all the way out. He decided to go on juice fast. That is, for 60 days he won't consume anything except for fresh juices. Of course, he did consult his doctor before doing that. After getting his doc's approval, he went ahead.

He bought himself a juicer and got started. He began making himself healthy, great-tasting drinks using his juicer and some fresh vegetables and fruits. He had considered buying juices at the grocery store but that would become so expensive he rejected the idea and instead purchased an electric juicer for himself. It was amazing how quick and simple it can be to make juices that are personally appealing and far more affordable than the store bought variety.

Joe was convinced even further when he found he was rapidly losing the weight that had plagued him most of his life! Not only did he loose oodles of weight, he also became a lot more healthier. After a certain period of following his REBOOT diet, his doctor told him that he could go off the meds altogether. Imagine what a liberating feeling that can be. Joe's story has inspired many all over the world and prompted them into action.

Now, For Our Stories....

We grow up hearing how very good vegetables and fruits are for us. They make us healthy and even extend our lives by fortifying our bodies with tons of valuable vitamins and minerals. Sure we can get those from a vitamin pill but that's just not the same as obtaining them the natural way. No pills can replace the benefit of direct consumption of vitamins and nutrients.


Joe's story inspired me and I decided to do something about the love handles hanging all around my abdomen. I bought a brand new juicer and went to a farmers' market and got myself some fresh fruits and veggies. An electric juicer will make nearly any combination of fruits into an enjoyable fruit cocktail or beverage nearly instantly and far more affordable than purchasing those high cost drinks in the grocery store.

Now I could make fantastically delicious drinks and beverages that I will not only enjoy but also use to go on that long planned diet. Eating several apples is great but very filling when you add in all the apple pulp that comes with fresh apples. The juicer will make a super healthy juice drink in seconds and remove the pulp so it's fulfilling without being overly filling. Of course if you want to leave that pulp in that's your decision because it is your juicer! Myself I love the entire apple and find the filling part good because I'm dieting and would rather have that apple pulp in my tummy than all that “fast food” garbage I used to eat. Now I find losing weight is easy and far quicker than just cutting back portions or skipping meals because I get full with my juicer drinks!

I discovered Joe Cross's method and never looked back!

Joe's advice was buy a good juicer so I did. I juiced and blended and created all kinds of juice recipes for myself. I even offered my hubby to go on the diet with me (he said NO). I went only on a 14 day fast. I felt cleansed and rejuvenated but my will power gave out.

I have lost 22 pounds so far and I guess that's a bit slow but I'm going to make sure that it stays off of me this time around! I am diabetic but not as bad off as poor Joe was when he started this plan. He had a rare  problem called debilitating autoimmune disease and it was slowly killing him! Plus the medications he had to take for that problem caused many other issues his body simply did not need. I take pills daily to help keep my blood sugar steady but soon won't need them anymore according to my doctor.

The two things that I learnt while I was on this REBOOT fast was:

  1. At the beginning, it's difficult than you could have imagined.
  2. At the end, it becomes A LOT easier. Still, you'll need all your will power to reach your target goal.

A great idea is to try and remove reminders of fatty and processed food. Reminders like canned processed food, television commercials and newspapers. You can ask your friends or family to help you so that you run across these reminders as few times as possible.

Though I wasn't able to carry on the extended fast, the REBOOT diet changed my outlook towards food, juicing, weight loss and life. I learnt that it was in my hands to add or not to add those few pounds every dinner I ate. Also, it was in my hands to be able to burn off with adequate exercise any excess weight I put on. I keep a hawklike gaze on my weighing scales and go on a REBOOT fast every now and then to detox.

Juicing has become a way of life for me. Now whenever I want I simply add my vegetables or fruits and let the machine do the work for me. These drinks are delicious and so filling.  I think I owe it to my body to make myself as healthy as possible.