There is a fallacy that each county Child Protective Services Department operates in their actions depict the best interests of our children, and, for some individual social workers, and for some counties, this may be accurate.   Based on the horror stories that have been sent to me over the years from all states, based on my own personal experiences with my home county Child Protective Services, and the horror stories that I continue to hear, my overall opinion is to the contrary.  Child Protective Services, it appears, doesn't operate in the best interests of the children, but only to use them as a means to hold a job, earn more money and professional prestige for themselves personally, and increase their department's fiscal budget from year to year.  In addition to all of that, the department then recruits other disciplines to become involved allowing them to gain the same financial and professional benefits from each child erroneously seized and, or, brought into this web of deceit.  In all too many of its practices, this department, for whatever reason, fails to protect the children our tax dollars pay them to protect, but, instead, they come in and totally disrupt families leaving abused children in dysfunctional homes on some occasions, and ripping children from good loving families by fabrications of abuse where there potentially is none. As was my experience with this department, as evidence would render it, certain social workers of this department can also be swayed by powerful attorneys to perjure themselves in court for no more than a misguided personal preference on their part. 

Let me tell of my own horrendous experiences with my home county Child Protective Services.  For twelve years or so both me, my daughter, and, later on when my youngest son could tell it, my son has been crying out to Child Protective Services regarding the abuse mostly to my youngest son.  Even presenting pictures of mild instances of abuse, marks on my son that couldn't be explained after his return from a visit with his father, and my daughter's testimonies to the same, all of which fell on deaf ears.  Time and time again, each complaint was returned, "Unsubstantiated."  Our frustration grew with the system as a whole realizing very quickly that, for whatever reason, this department was, at best, very dysfunctional, corrupt, and not performing in protection of my son in the way they were expected to.  Not understanding any of this, I went to a meeting back around 2000 in the Adam's Mark Hotel in Charlotte which entailed the dilemmas of one citizen who had erroneously lost all eleven of his children to Child Protective Services through a malicious complaint of a neighbor.  During that meeting, one lady stood up professing to be a former employee of Child Protective Services who ended her employment merely as a tactic to hold onto whatever conscience she had left upon her termination of such an under handed organization.  As she stood up with tears in her eyes, she told of how social workers, her former fellow colleagues, were given monetary bonuses for the number of children they placed in foster care in any given fiscal year.  As she rambled on as to all the horrors that she was privy to, she added, how social workers would be brought in to the manager's office if they weren't "Meeting their quota," as to how many children they were expected to place in foster care in any given year.  After all, she continued, if they weren't placing children in foster care they weren't doing their jobs! Then, she told of the most horrendous fact that she imparted to us and one that made us all cringe to the max.  This social worker, now stumbling on her words for the tears that she fought to hold back, told us that with each child placed in foster care the federal government adds approximately $80,000.00 to the department's fiscal budget the next year. Yes, you have it; this is all about money and has nothing to do with what's in the best interests of the child.  

In my own personal experiences with our county department of Child Protective Services, I can verify that such a department is at best grossly dysfunctional if not totally corrupt?  One Social worker that came to my home to investigate a complaint of abuse to my son by his father attempted to accuse me of child abuse by taking pictures of marks on my son's body. Another social worker that we secretly filmed during my meeting with her at my house looked at pictures of abuse done to my son by his father and refused to acknowledge that such assaults were domestic violence and child abuse.  I showed her the pictures of abuse to my son and asked her, "Are these injuries to my son not child abuse?"  The social worker, Marilyn, refused to acknowledge that such assaults were child abuse or domestic violence and she continually responded, "Those complaints were not substantiated."  Throughout the twelve years or so that my son himself has told of the abuse done to him by his father, the social workers of Child Protective Services, for whatever reason, have sought to collaborate with my ex-husband's attorneys to protect him and maintain a custody that he could only have achieved by the most unethical tactics of his attorneys.  When the department does not want to assume total responsibility for a decision, they outsource to private practitioners that will support their erroneous decisions and therefore share in the distribution of our precious tax dollars. 

Even beyond Child Protective Services, often times when the department sees fit to or doesn't want to assume total responsibility for its erroneous decisions, it out sources various needs to other private practitioners.  As in our case, my son and I were subjected to at least two different out sourced evaluations with private practitioners on behalf of Child Protective Services for a second opinion where Child Protective Services refused to acknowledge overt abuse done to my son by his father.  In the first instance, the social worker that evaluated both Corey and me was very sympathetic to our situation, or so it seemed.  I desperately spent my time talking with her showing her the News & Observer's article of 10/12/2000, in the metro section, done by Andrea Weigl, reporter, whereby my ex-husband was falsely declaring that I had falsely accused him of domestic violence in an attempt to try and win custody of our son.  As I watched the social worker's responses to what I was telling her, she appeared to be horrified, and, if she was acting, well she would have won an Oscar for her performance that day.  She seemed genuinely shocked at what I told her and the evidence that I showed to her.  Upon leaving that office on that particular day, I felt sure that this time my son and I had someone on our side that would finally do something to help my son, WRONG!  When the report came back with the final decision on the evaluation, it merely stated that my son was to continue to live with his father, and his enabling grandma, in the grandma's home where they all lived together, and upon requesting as to how this private entity, hired by Child Protective Services to support it in its corrupt and dysfunctional practices, as usual, they resorted to the conclusion that such complaints of child abuse were, "Unsubstantiated."  This is the favorite word of Child Protective Services, but especially when they chose to collaborate with attorneys such as they did in this case.  The covert word that was being passed around without my knowledge until quite recently was that they attributed my son's cries of domestic violence against him by his father as no more than my coaching him to say such things. That would have been well and good if there was no supporting evidence to the contrary, but, they forgot, that such claims were substantiated by pictures of marks that my son returned to me with when I initially had custody of him and when he would come to me for visitations where he would disclose that such injuries were done as a result of his father's drug addicted and alcoholic rages. In this way, although my son wasn't one of their victims that were placed in foster care, they spread the wealth around by rationalizing that they needed an outside opinion in this instance and sought that from a private, outside practitioner.  What intelligent person would attempt to bite off the hand that feeds them? By being paid for their services to assist this department, practitioners are brought off by Child Protective Services and, therefore, are more obligated to support them in their dysfunction and corrupt practices.  Such practices, where the independent practitioner wants to continue this lucrative relationship, of course, realizes that in order to be considered for future outside evaluations it would be in their best interests to support whatever the goals of  the county Child Protective Services department they are hired by. This, in our situation, occurred despite the adverse, desired outcome, by the county department, and without concern for the violation of current protective laws or any of our civil rights.  At the same time, what a conflict of interest this is along with being a gross disservice to both me and my son in all fairness of receiving an accurate and unbiased evaluation. At each moment when I suggested paying for our own psychiatric or psychological evaluation of my son and I, such a suggestion was quashed immediately and rationalized away as not being acceptable.      

                        My son and I went through a similar, private evaluation later on with another private practitioner.  This female also was brought and paid for by Child Protective Services.  In the beginning, the same as before, the practitioner acted very concerned and was shocked at that which I told her in regards to the deviant corruption that led to my ex-husband having custody of my son, the abuse to my son, and the constant, false allegations of Child Protective Services in their dysfunctional investigations that erroneously alleged that each and every complaint of abuse to my son by his father was, "Unsubstantiated."  I presented to her, much as before, the masses upon masses of evidence of abuse to my son, daughter, and myself, testimonies of myself, my daughter, and others, the newspaper article showing what a liar my ex-husband was, and she too reacted with shock, horror, and a very empathetic demeanor prior to the outcome being disclosed. Each time we were evaluated, my son told of the abuse to him by his father, and all this to no avail.  In this evaluation, we were to meet with this private practitioner, not at her local office, but in the office of Social Services in the town of Cary, North Carolina, where our evaluations were filmed, and, once again, it came back, "Unsubstantiated," in that they falsely alleged, I had put my son up to saying that he had been abused by his father.  There were no comments about the evidence and testimonies that I presented to them, no comments about the pictures of marks on my son where he had been abused during his father's out of control intoxicated rages, and no comments regarding the neglect that my son was subjected to at varying times in that household with his father and grandma.  When I tried to reach this private clinician to further let her know how despicable I thought she was, having prostituted herself and her services out to such a corrupt and dysfunctional entity without regard for the safety and welfare for my son, her phone number had been changed and I was not able to reach her or determine where she was actually located in her private practice after that time.  By accusing me of encouraging my son to allege child abuse by his father and stating that I was abusing my son by taking pictures of marks on my son put there on him by his father, Child Protective Services not only contradicted themselves in this manner, but they also assisted my ex-husband in keeping custody of our son whereby one outside observer stated that such a man as my son's father, "Shouldn't have custody of a dog, let alone a child!"  Essentially, Child Protective Services didn't protect my son but instead, they enabled him to be maintained in an abusive environment which is a violation of his civil rights in that respect, and both of our civil rights in that we have not received fair and necessary treatment in our right to protection and a safe environment.   Does anyone care?  Heck no!  We have cried out to all government entities from the Governor down, and forget trying to get any assistance from the Whitehouse, your letters and cries are simply not going to make it through.  The Attorney General's Office in our state had some lady that took pleasure in arguing with me for more than an hour on the telephone on at least one or two occasions telling me that the attorney general's office didn't have "Jurisdiction," over such occurrences and that there was nothing they could do.  As I angrily cried and protested, she often laughed on the other end of the phone at my dilemma and my refusal to believe that there was truly nothing that they could do to help me and my son in this very horrendous situation.  I cried out to the Governor, two different ones in separate terms, and was fobbed off by some representative who was instructed to call me and ask me what they could do to help.  When I informed them of what we needed to right the horrendous wrongs that have been done to my son and me, they then informed me that they couldn't meet those needs, which really was a cry for justice and to bring my son safely home where he should never have been taken from and was done so with the assistance of another corrupt and dysfunctional social worker. 

The social worker, supposedly, for Child Protective Services, in the custody hearing, after custody had been changed without my knowledge initially, the attorney representing my ex-husband requested that she be entitled to a $1,000 professional witness fee.   Even though this request was refused by the judge who had a part in this illegal abduction of my son away from me, the social worker was caught later in a very questionable behavior.  During a recess of the court after her professional witness fee had been refused for her lies that she so enthusiastically told while on the stand, that my ex-husband was a great father, not a drug addict, and was not abusive to my son, she was caught whispering with my ex-husband and his enabling mother in a remote corner of the court house by none other than me!  Realizing that some illegal collaboration was going on in this remote location of the courthouse, I hid around the corner trying my hardest to listen amongst some commotion of people coming and going.  Only when their corrupt psychologist came walking by did she grin an evil grin and say out loudly, to disclose my presence, "Good Morning," which brought the conspirators to the realization that I was there and, like cock roaches being hit by bright light, they quickly separated and desisted from their covert whispering and grouping together as they had been.  When later asked on the stand what this supposed Social Worker for Child Protective Services had been whispering about, she went very red in the face, stuttered nervously, and finally declared that she was discussing her arthritis and back problems!  Lying under oath comes with an approximate sentence of five years in jail.  It is a felony.  None of these liars served any time for the overt lies they told in court that week.   I tried to look up this Social Worker through the NC Board of Social Workers, but she was nowhere to be found indicating that she either wasn't licensed or was not educated as a social worker even though she presented herself as such which would then be a case of fraud would it not as well as perjury?  I wish that I could say that our case is an isolated incident where Child Protective Services and the courts are concerned, but, unfortunately, it's not.  Throughout the years, when I had a website up, I had numerous, similar horror stories come across my computer from mostly women all over the country going through similar horrors with Child Protective Services and the courts. 

As you can see by these occurrences here, all of which is supported by files upon files of evidence and witnesses testimonies to such, Child Protective Services, while taking our tax dollars to perform in protection of our children is definitely not doing that.  In many cases, they are taking children from good loving homes and erroneously placing them in foster care where they then reap many thousands of dollars for their next year's fiscal budget with each child they place. All too often those foster parents are not screened well enough, and the children end up going from one abusive home to another. Sometimes, as was true in our case, for whatever reason, they erroneously keep children in abusive environments where they allege that, "In the best interests of the child," they would rather counsel the abusive, drug addicted, and/or alcoholic parent than return the child to a good loving, educated parent from whence the child should never have been removed from and was done so violating laws and civil rights of the child and the good loving, educated parent!  Child Protective Services, as was also true in our case, collaborate with attorneys, use outside private practitioners, who, while wanting to be paid and continually hired in the future, despite evidence and/or testimony, are paid to support whatever the department's desired outcome may be often to the detriment of innocent children. As was also true in our case, these social workers hired by the department think nothing of lying, even under oath, and fabricating rationales for taking children from good loving homes and placing them in homes that seriously jeopardize their safety, or refuse to remove them from seriously detrimental environments falsely believing that counseling will heal all. I have found, where this department is concerned, there are no checks and bounds, attorneys are afraid, it seems, to confront this department under any circumstances, and, if you don't believe me, try to find one in NC that will go up against this department without a massive amount of thousands of dollars in a retainer.  Even then, probably, they will tell you, as I have been told, to cooperate, do whatever Child Protective Services tells you to do in the hopes of coming out with your family intact and fair treatment and evaluations for one and for all.  Good luck with that!  I wish I had done what my first attorney told me to do when I still had custody of my son even though I didn't have two pennies to rub together at the time.  He told me, and this was the best advice, "Take your kids and run, get out of North Carolina."  If only I had followed his advice, my son would have been safe, loved, and well cared for.  Instead, he and I both have become victims of the most dysfunctional and corrupt department that there could ever be, Child Protective Services. This is evidenced in the many horrendous horror stories where children needlessly die as a result of the dysfunctions of this department.  

I think the most disturbing of the literally hundreds of horror stories I received was the mother of little Kayla who wrote to me upon hearing my dilemmas with this horrendous department. Poor little Kayla was left to a step-mother after her father died where he previously had custody of her. Despite the biological mother continuously reporting, legitimately, the step-mother for child abuse against darling little Kayla, and begging Child Protective Services to go in and bring little Kayla back to safety and her true, biological mother, the department continued to over use their favorite word rendering each complaint mistakenly as, "Unsubstantiated." At the time Kayla's mother wrote to me, little Kayla had died months prior where her step-mother had put poison in a bottle of water and made poor Kayla drink it down enough to kill her.  My heart broke into a million pieces upon reading Kayla's mom's letter, wondering how many more innocent victims there are out there that have reached out to a department, paid for by our tax dollars, that so seriously does a gross disservice to our children? My son is now fifteen, taller than his father, and more than able to defend himself against any further assaults especially given the fact that his father has now been diagnosed with Cancer.  I thank God that he has not turned out to be such a bad kid despite his trials and tribulations through no fault of either me or him, and that he survived the beatings that he remembers from his father even when my son was as young as four or five years old. Where are the checks and bounds of this department? Who does have jurisdiction over these adverse practices that render innocent children as victims? How many more complaints are going to be placed that are found to be "Unsubstantiated," ignoring child abuse, and rendering innocent children dead? Who, of our politicians, will finally have the courage to stand up to this department, investigate, and revamp this entire department. Until such time as this may occur, innocent children will continue to suffer where there are no checks or bounds for Child Protective Services, and all too many legitimate complaints will continue to be returned, "Unsubstantiated."                                                                                                  

Innocent baby Corey, a CPS Victim.

Baby Corey, An Innocent Victim
Credit: Photo taken by Klacey J. Smith, Author. 1997