Permanent hair removal is a claim which usually gets thrown around in numerous advertising campaigns that hair removal practitioners often use. There is really just a single procedure that really gives you perpetual hair eradication and that is electrolysis.

Much of what people read involving permanent hair eradication is usually hype.

Widespread hair removal techniques are often proclaimed as giving you everlasting results which is simply untrue.  Laser hair removal and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are two options that often purport to offer this permanence. Neither of these two choices do offer irrevocable results however and both techniques are likely to be choices which a person is required to do multiple times before hair removal results in being permanent. Hair develops in cycles and it's really not unusual for hairs that have been dealt with to grow back again in the foreseeable future.

Electrolysis on the other hand absolutely does actually kill the hair follicle singularly and as a consequence that individual hair will never grow back.

Electrolysis is generally a process that women have employed for hair eradication but men are possibly good contenders for the treatment as well, something that many often might not aware of thinking that the process is only for the ladies. Electrolysis can be employed on most areas of the body excluding inside the nose and ears. The electrolysis process does treat hairs on an individual basis so you can imagine the time period involved in eradicating considerable amounts of hair coming from areas such as the back, shoulder blades and upper body by way of example.

It's for these reasons laser and Intense Pulsed Light will most certainly be the possibilities that men and women (specifically males) decide on when they want to clear large areas of hair such as these ones.

Even though laser and IPL really don't provide you with permanent out comes, they get rid of more hair in a shorter time frame compared with electrolysis because they involve the use of a wand that's bigger than the very small probe utilized during electrolysis that can only treat hair individually.

The tradeoff with laser and Intense Pulsed Light thus remains that you can deal with a bigger area of your body more effectively but don't get permanent results. What you can accomplish with these two choices of hair removal is something commonly known as permanent hair reduction.

In this situation the total amount of hair that you have does decrease with repeated treatments but may not necessarily be entirely removed. Again, it's actually a tradeoff between the size of the area to be treated versus the particular amount of time the hair won't reappear.

When thinking about hair removal techniques, pay attention to various claims and also guarantees that professionals offer when promoting their hair removal services.

At the end of the day electrolysis is the only recognized permanent hair removal option so your methods are certainly limited and your expectations of other opportunities need to be in line with the reality of what they provide you with.