Shaving and RazorsCredit: Razvan Inout

The normal way of shaving is to put the razor head on the razor, apply some shaving foam and start shaving. When you are done you wash everything and put the razor back in the razor holder. When travelling, you have to wipe it all clean and dry, or put it in a plastic bag to not mess up the rest of your vanity case. The whole kit is expensive, and you cannot buy individual parts but have to invest in expensive kits with holder, razor and razor heads.

However, I am about to tell you a complete game-changer that will make your life easier and might save you some money! This article is about the razor stick that is meant to give you good grip and control. So, here it comes:


You actually don't need to hold the razor blade with a stick. It is just fine to grab the razor blade by its neck with your fingers and start shaving. In fact, it's EASIER to shave without the clumsy stick and a "pen grip". When you hold the razor head between your thumb and index finger, it is actually very handy to maneuver in all directions, the stick is never in the way and it is possible to switch fast and precise between different angles and directions.

So, i guess you are thinking. Well, I don't think I will get a good enough grip on it, I will probably drop it, or worse, cut myself trying this stupid suggestion. So I challenge you now, go and try it! I have explained this to at least 10 friends to this point, who all responded with different levels of scepticism. But when they tried it out, they were surprised that it actually worked! You get a good grip and it feels very natural from the start.

Razor Head

So, it this such a big deal? Well its a big deal when you are travelling. As for now, you probably bring razor heads, a razor, and a big clumpsy holder. The holder often gets wet and messy so you either have to meticulously dry it after use, or put it in a plastic bag. Whit this new approach, you only need a tiny little razor head that takes no space at all, and is fast and easy to clean and wipe.

There is also a bit of money to be saved. Say that you forget to bring the razor gear, or just need a new one. The difference in cost of just buying razor blades compared to razor kits is a lot! Why spend more money on something that is both unnecessary and makes it harder?

So that's all, just drop it and welcome to a world with easier shaving and efficient travel kits!

NB. One thing to keep in mind: When you put down your razor head on the shelf after use, leave it with the razors side facing up. Otherwise the line of padding next to the razor blade can swell, if left face down on a wet surface. Then you have to scrape it off with your nails  to flatten it again.