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What is really behind Superior Livestock Video Auctions? The largest (cattle) auction in the US started only as an unusual idea of two veterans who partnered in livestock marketing. Odle Auctions (company of video auction) in Brush Colorado and owned by Jim Odle paired with Buddy Jeffers who owns Amarillo Livestock and Video Auction to merge their companies into one big merger company – Superior Livestock Auction. It shaped a (national) cattle market both for sellers and buyers. At first it started off with 15 staff personnel in 6 US States. Presently, they are already over 300 representatives who marketed cattle in 39 different states in the country.

The two owners of the new Superior Livestock company had originally been creating video auctions before they started the mergence. However, they only broadcast their videos within hotels and so buyers would have to travel to the actual sale site to bid on the displayed cattle. Broadcasting on satellite may not be that convincing but they took the risk.

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Their eccentric idea became recognized and successful during their auction at the very first time. The live telecast was held January 1987, at the National (Western) Stock Show shown in Denver, Colorado. In their first satellite showing, they got 87% sales.

When Superior Livestock Video Auctions introduced nationwide satellite film promotion to the livestock business, they endlessly reformed the way cattle load would be wholesaled. As the creation of Superior Livestock video auctions started, most bulls were peddled by private contract between breeders with local buyers and merchants. Superior Livestock make the most of the publicity of the wholesaler’s cattle. Shoppers could now be in the convenience of their offices or homes to evaluate, view and make assortments from cattle over the county.

From areas all over the nation, buyers then were very able to view cattle and buy them, an attainment by time and distance would be exorbitant preceding to the initiation of satellite television marketing. Sellers use the fact that cattle are then videotaped in their usual atmosphere and don’t transfer until delivery date. Superior Livestock created a nationwide livestock marketplace, where value discovery is achieved through viable bidding at live auction. Livestock are sold with no regard to confined environment conditions to greatly extended buyer base.

But what do we look for in a superior livestock video auctions?



You must always focus on the quality of the livestock. You can achieve this by observing very closely how it moves. Is it walking gingerly? Does it look too stiff? You might buy into the lie that it is superior when actually it’s not.

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Fat versus Muscle

It depends really on what is the purpose of the livestock you are looking for. If you intend to use it as mates in reproduction then it is better to go for a muscle over fat. If you intend to sell it for eating purposes then always go for fat because it will weigh heavier.

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The Darker the Color, the Safer

The richer or darker its skin color is, the better the livestock. Why? It is because it indicates rich nutrients in the livestock’s body. Look closely on its skin and its eyes. If it looks kind of pale and yellowish then it is probably sickly and not worth anything. Look closely on its eyes to see any indication of unwanted sickness or frailty. These are major points to focus in if you want to get a good livestock in the superior livestock video auction.

About the Company

Superior Livestock Video Auction is the leader in advertising lots of loaded oxen via the Internet and via Satellite. Committed to modernization and developing the greatest technology accessible, Superior Livestock Video Auctions lead the way to satellite video presentation and endures to take leadership part in Internet advertising. The growth and success of Superior Livestock Video Auction is the outcome of its standing for integrity and honesty, its skilled and specialized staff and agents, thousands of happy customers, its headship role in business modernizations and its objective to be the greatest, most comprehensive livestock promotion facility in the industry.

In 1987, SUPERIOR LIVESTOCK VIDEO AUCTION introduced cable video advertising to the nation's cattle industry and persistently changed the method of lots of load of oxen are advertised. Superior has developed to convert the largest cattle auction in the US, marketing over 2 million cattle heads annually. With over representatives of 300 located all throughout the American States, Superior offers a complete countrywide marketing system both serving sellers and buyers. Unlike conservative marketing procedures, purchasers have the chance to observe, evaluate and sort collections from oxen across the republic in the ease of their home or office.

 Vendors can bid their oxen, viewed in normal surroundings, to a greater possible shopper base. Lots of fresh country cattle are vended on agreement for instant to forthcoming delivery by means of the very precise formula of value discovery accessible and competitive bidding. Superior created a countrywide livestock fair, where rates are showing without repute to local weather situations or demand. Larger conducts bi-weekly Cable Livestock Video Auctions, Internet Auctions online and a day-to-day Private Treaty (Listing) Service. These choices provide an occasion for buyers and vendors to utilize current flea market conditions.

The History of Superior Livestock Auction

In the first month of 1987, SUPERIOR LIVESTOCK VIDEO AUCTION introduced cable video advertising to the country's cattle business and changed the way cattle were promoted. From first sale at the National (Western) Stock Show in Denver, Colorado,  Superior grew to become probably the largest oxen public sale in the United States, advertising over a million cattle heads per annum.

Through its comprehensive marketing system, Superior Livestock Video Auction helps both buyers and vendors in the United States. Not like conventional promotion methods, purchasers have the chance to evaluate and make collections from livestock across the nation in the ease of their house or office. Consignors can bid cattle, perceived in their usual settings, to a greater potential consumer base. Lots of country new livestock are sold using the furthermost exact form of estimating sighting available -- reasonable bidding. Superior created an accurately countrywide livestock bazaar, where rates are revealed without favor to local environment conditions or even demand.

Superior Livestock Auction is a countrywide marketing corporation, with almost 400 trained and skilled representatives situated in all of the main beef producing regions. National advertising programs and wide-ranging mailings cover visibility all over the nation for wholesalers, whether proposing one or many loads. Bi-weekly compiled sales and steady weekly public sale, provide a path for both purchaser and retailer to take benefit of present market settings.

From the period we set base on the merchant's goods until the livestock are sold and stretch their new proprietor, particular hands-on courtesy is set to insure the auctions contract is monitored entirely. From the screening to the summarizing, educational sales catalog.


The growth of Superior Livestock Video Auction is the effect of its standing for morality and integrity, its trained and skilled staff, thousands of contented consumers, its headship role in commerce modernizations, and its aim to become the best and most wide-ranging cattle marketing facility in the trade. Well, who wants to become part of this prestigious company? Then join the business or join the Superior livestock video auctions sales instead.