Truth is a pure word that has been battered, beaten and bruised with the relentless idioms of wrong. Falseness has done its best to replace truth as king and it has spent its life trying to twist and demoralize its innocence. But truth will always stand strong and shine its pure white light on everything wrong, exposing the world to a divine essence. Although truth is sometimes hidden by the large shadow that false has delighted to throw over it, truth has an uncanny perseverance that it always manages to reveal in the end. It can withstand time and decay and proclaim its accurateness when false has failed. To some, truth is the only travel guide to life. Others try to persuade themselves that false is a better guide because of the pleasures it provides. Those who spend their life following inaccuracies become lost and when false has left them stranded on an unknown path, truth perseveres and brings the wayward soul back to the right. Hope that is placed in truth is a solid hope that will never be extinguished.


Truth supersedes over everything immoral, corrupt, evil, depraved, false and superficial. It is the only way, the only right, and the only one that is true. Truth will never be a phony deal. Truth will never lie to you and try to keep secrets. Truth will never be revealed in the form of a cheating husband or wife or in the form of a teenager deceiving his parents. Truth is never a slight of the hand or the misuse of a friendship or loyalty. It never betrays or steals or distorts. Truth is a real thing that the world has forgotten. Because of lies and falseness young women today don't know the truth about themselves. The truth that they really are beautiful and that they don't have to act or look like a certain person to be attractive.

seek truth

Because of lies and falseness young men don't know the truth about themselves. The truth that they are supposed to become men with purpose in life instead of sitting around aimlessly doing the littlest amount possible and fulfilling their pleasures the rest of the time. Lies have led them to believe that they don't really have to grow up and be productive. They don't have to become men. But truth is screaming out it can't be hidden forever. It has been suppressed too long by those who know no better than to believe the falseness. That killing people and destroying lives and abusing loved ones is something that is acceptable in society. That rape and maliciousness are indecencies that should be tolerated. But deep down inside the mortal man knows that falseness is just a fake wearing a mask. It's trying to appear to be the truth. It does everything in its power to act like, look like, and be like truth; but it can't.

Although falseness may even appear and feel to be pleasant and attractive it's not. Already it has a greater record than anything or anyone else for hurting life. But truth will prevail because it's always there in the end to rip off the artificial mask and prove what is decent, clean and true. I just wish that people would prevent the mask from slipping on beforehand, so that they don't have to deal with the painful job of ripping it off. The truth about truth is that it's always right.