There are a lot of people out there who aspire to join the service online advertising network as affiliates or publishers, purposely to contribute their finished products and earn some revenue. But sometimes, you will find that the whole process of activation is an exhaustive undertaking because a few important step-by-step instructions are missing, thus, confusing the applying members.

As usually done in the internet, you are basically required to register and complete your application to create an account including your contact information, your website address and the assigned security code.

As you press the "Get Started" button, you will be brought to the "Get-your-ad-code" where you can add your reporting category, "select unit" options, "pick your colors" and finally arrived at the "Get-Your Code " button where you can highlight the provided HTML and have it copied for pasting to the other website.

As the process is completed, the problem arises. As in my case, I followed all instructions in the page but I noticed that the pasting process was never mentioned. I could not even find the "save" button to make my application secured. It just says and I quote; " You're almost there". "Just select the option below, grab your code and start earning revenue".

I've been browsing all over the internet trying to find out some leads to complete my application but I simply could not get the best answer to my query. I even sought help from a friend who is an experienced web user but he could not explain it either. I wonder why it looks so complicated.

I must admit I'm a neophyte in the internet world as well as in the ABC's of the so-called affiliate program. As a matter of fact I got my Vista laptop only last October 2010 as an advanced Christmas gift of my eldest daughter who was working in a hospital in England. I had my SmartBro internet connection installed only this November and I just learned few simple RSS links, searches and browsings. Since it was my first time in the interlink application I took pleasure of browsing for some work-at-home jobs, article writing opportunities, online marketing and other business offers in the internet. In the end, I came across with some luring proposal of MLM membership or affiliate programs like this one, reading some of their fascinating promises of huge earnings "without leaving your home". I was gradually conditioned to believe that this was the best offer so far and I started working on it until I become an affiliate member. I believed I did follow my lessons from the so-called affiliate gurus, i,e., how to send links to different websites, "to expand my clout", send invites to friends, and other so-so in the affiliate system. But in this instance, I wonder why I could not get through pasting HTML to this particular website using their "get-your-ad" code.

On behalf of all aspiring affiliates who are leaning to join the online advertising network , we need some clear pointers on this particular issue.