Roof mount DVD players in your minivan can make a long trip that'd normally be noisy and a bit unsettling, quiet and peaceful. You can drive to the preferred theme park in a breeze while the kids enjoy a SpongeBob Squarepants DVD or a recent Dora the Explorer release. Being able to get the kids excited about Disney World simply by pressing the "Play" button on the latest Toy Story movie or building anticipation for Universal Studios and their Shrek 4D attraction would keep everyone in a friendly and fun mood the whole way there. There are many Roof Mount DVD players on the market, so it may be difficult choosing the right one for you. A good way to know if an overhead DVD player is worth it's money is by viewing customer reviews and seeing what past customers think of the product. Here I'll review the Tview T90DVFD-Black Roof Mount DVD Player noting some pros and cons you might not know.

tview t90dvfd-blackCredit: amazon

Price and Features

First off, the price is tons more affordable than most other overhead DVD players. The Tview T90DVFD can be found under two hundred bucks yet still give you all the features you'd need to maintain serenity in the vehicle. You get all the mounting hardware you need for installation; if you need help there are always professionals that can give you a hand. You can have the kids watching a movie quietly while you read a book with an IR transmitter installed in the device. Just purchase some wireless headphones to go along with your overhead DVD player. It has an FM modulator so you can listen to the movie through the car speakers, and it also allows for iPod connectivity. It'll play your MP3 or CD music and is also a DivX Certified product. With the USB port, just plug in a flash drive with DivX purchased Hollywood films and your set the whole way. It also has SD card slots, dome lights and built-in speakers round out the features.

Style and Popularity

This Tview overhead DVD player comes in white and black to match whatever interior your vehicle has, and includes a remote for easy playback control. Currently it's the best rated roof mount DVD player on Amazon receiving high praise on clarity, features and value. There are more expensive overhead DVD players that can fault out, but so far Tview seems to be producing decent products that prove to be dependable. Most of their products receive high ratings on Amazon which is definitely good for business. The company itself is based in Houston Texas and primarily focus on in-car-entertainment - headrest monitors, sun visor monitors and in-dash DVD players are among their many mobile entertainment products. They're competing with higher-end overhead DVD players with affordable prices and quality material and in so doing making room for themselves in the market.


Some of the complaints concern the instructions being hard to understand, the dome lights not being as bright and difficult to replace, and the screen not able to swivel to a desired position. But beyond those issues people mostly love this product. If you don't want to spend too much on an overhead DVD player but still want decent value, going with the Tview T90DVFD wouldn't be a bad investment. Keep everyone in-line with a family-friendly movie and be able to enjoy your trip in peace.

Additional Info

There are many other roof mount DVD players on the market that'll offer you the same, if not more, features than the one listed here, but not many can beat the price. You might want to grab a few wireless headphones along with the Tview to ensure you'll have everything you need for a peaceful trip.