All About New Moon Book & New Moon Film

The second book from the Twilight collection is called New Moon. Stephenie Meyer continues writing about the trials and tribulations of young love between a mortal and a vampire. The New Moon DVD and book are both available to buy at great prices online.
New Moon DVD
In the first Twilight book and DVD, we meet Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Bella is the mortal and Edward is the vampire. They find that they have this unbelievable and unlikely bond and fall deeply in love with each other.

The Twilight Saga Story So Far
There was a very dramatic ending to the first novel which further confirms the bond between these two young lovers. Bella's life is placed in danger and it is up to Edward to save her from the attack of another vampire.

The beginning of New Moon sees Edward in turmoil as he realises that he is the one who is placing Bella's life in danger everyday that she is with him. Shortly after her birthday he decides to break up with her, explaining that it is for the best and he simply disappears.

At this point, young Bella is at a complete loss. She falls into a deep dark depression and is almost comatose. She is plagued by daily nightmares, which lasts for a very long time. Stephenie Meyer explains the way that Bella feels as her having a gaping hole in her body that she somehow has to try and keep from breaking apart. The only way she can achieve this is by physically wrapping her arms around herself as if to literally hold herself together.

Bella slowly escapes this feeling of melancholy. She gets back to her daily routine of high school and work but she is not really the same person as before. As you can see, the second book in the twilight collection is more about the character of Bella and how life must go on without the presence of Edward. He does, however still appear in the book. He appears in Bella's subconscious mind. Whenever she is doing something that he may not approve of like when she places her own life in danger, he seems to appear and speak to her, urging her to take care and be safe.

Introducing A New Character - Jacob BlackNew Moon DVD - Jacob Black
While Bella is suffering from the loss of her beloved, there is someone in the wings who is only too willing to help her back on the road to recovery. His name is Jacob Black. We were actually introduced to this character briefly in the first book Twilight. He is a Native American who lives on the reservation which is situated in La Push, not too far from where Bella lives, in Forks, Washington.

It was from him that we learned that Edward and the rest of the Cullens were vampires. At the time he believed that it was just old folk stories that his ancestors had passed down from generation to generation. However, he soon finds out that the stories are all based on reality.

Jacob has a very easy going personality and he works real hard to build up Bella's spirits. It is quite easy to see that he is very attracted to her and hopes that she will reciprocate these feelings.

During the course of the story, we discover that he is also a very unique person with distinct qualities and characteristics.

New Moon has been made into a movie and the New Moon DVD is due for release in March 2010. I look forward to seeing how the story progresses in film format. A new director has taken the reigns and I expect to see a whole lot more special effects. I have seen a few trailers but am waiting until the DVD comes out so that I can watch the whole thing in one sitting.