I was given a set of the The Twilight collection of books and once I started reading the first installment, I just couldn't put it down. The books were written by talented author Stephenie Meyers and are basically abTwilight Collectionout the lives of a human and a vampire.

The Main Characters

In The Twilight Collection we are introduced to several different people throughout the books but the central characters are Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen.

Isabella Swan

Isabella or rather Bella, as she likes to be known, is a young girl who moves to the dreary town of Forks, Washington to go live with her dad. She is a quite girl who is quite self sufficient. Her mother has recently remarried so she wanted to give the newlyweds their space.

Edward Cullen

Edward is also a teenager and he is described as being a very handsome young man. He has very pale skin and most people tend to keep their distance when he is around. The Cullen familyTwilight DVD are all very beautiful people and some would say that they were very aloof and kept themselves to themselves.

It doesn't take us long to discover that the Cullen family are actually vampires. They want to integrate into normal society so they have chosen not to feed on human blood. They only hunt animals and they make sure that they do this far away from where they actually live.

When Edward and Bella first meet, it is as if he is angry with her, as if she has done him some injustice without her knowledge. We find out later that the reason for his strange behaviour towards Bella is because he is so attracted to her natural scent, that it is actually driving him to distraction. She smells so tantalizing to his senses that he really has to try with all his strength and willpower not to actually attack her and feed on her.

Although Edward tries to stay away from her, he finds her too irresistible and wants to talk to her and find out all about her. Bella also feels a strong connection to him and despite the dangers and their obvious differences, they fall in love with each other.

The author describes their love in such a compelling way that any woman would want to be the recipient of such feelings. Edward is over a century old and he has retained a lot of his old fashioned ways. This makes him even more attractive because of the turn of phrase that come out when he is conversing.

Anyone who is a fan of a simple love story will adore this book. Twilight the movie is also available on DVD with some great added extras on the bonus disk.

Further books in the collection are called New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. You can also buy the New Moon DVD too.