It is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket so no matter how enamored you may be with Infobarrel there are other writing sites out there that can help supplement your article income as well as give you a wider, more varied readership. How exactly do you go about finding sites like Infobarrel? Most people would google the search term “writing sites”, “online writing sites” or even “sites like Infobarrel.” That would not be the most efficient way to do it as you would most likely be sent on a wild goose chase or you would have to find the relevant sites which would be like needles in a haystack. There are much more efficient ways where almost every site found will be just what you need.

First you need to go to Google and type in the search bar “” without the quotation marks. That is all you need to do to get a quality list of online writing sites similar to Infobarrel. Your list will look like this:

Page 1











Page 2











The main ones are in bold type. The ones in normal type are either bookmarking sites, writing sites that do not share revenue or are simply lesser-known article sites. However, most of the top article sites are in the first twenty results returned by Google. You could go to page 3 and you would have seen Helium. Page 4 would have given you Demandstudios, Brighthub and Yousaytoo. If you were using Google Chrome’s SeoQuake plug-in you would have seen the Google PageRank and Alexa rank of all of these above appearing next to them giving an indication of how good the site is and an idea of how the site is ranked with respect to traffic.

Yet another fast way of finding sites like Infobarrel is to go to and type in the name of the website. It will pull up many sites that you can write for that are similar to the one you are writing on at present.

So these are the two fastest ways of finding sites like Infobarrel. The first one will simultaneously let you get an idea of how good the sites are before you invest your time and talents in them. The second one will give the websites’ similarity scores so you can see how similar the website is to Infobarrel. These two methods can be used for finding similar sites to any site that you find useful. Use them to enrich your online experience.