Having a disability will certainly limit and even prevent a person from working and earning a living. The government recognizes this problem and so they offer programs that will benefit those with disability. These programs are handled by the Social Security Administration who makes sure that only eligible applicants will receive the disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance Program

There is a high chance that a worker would be injured and disabled. Because of this, they prepare for what may come by regularly paying social security taxes. These taxes will not only help them in case they became disabled but it should also provide them with retirement benefits once they apply for early retirement or they reach their full retirement age.

Aside from the worker, some of his family members can also benefit from his tax payments. An adult child who has incurred his disability before reaching the age of 22 can receive these benefits as well.

Since the funds for SSDI are taken from the social security taxes, then, the worker must be able to prove that he has earned enough points by paying these taxes.

Supplemental Security Income

These are given to people who have limited income and resources that are with disability, blind, and those who reached the age of 65.

Unlike the SSDI, the applicant need not pay social security taxes as the funds for SSI are taken from the general taxes. However, they must present proof of their limited income and resources before they are approved to receive disability benefits.

The amount of benefits given out under this program is naturally lower than what a disabled would receive had he paid his social security taxes. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay these taxes and so they settle for the SSI which only supplements their limited income.

Necessary Requirements

Mainly, the applicant for either program will be required to submit proof that his physical or mental condition is expected to last for at least 12 months or it can result to death. Aside from this, the agency may require other proof and so it would be best to contact SSA personnel immediately.

For rejected applicants who have submitted the necessary documents to prove their eligibility, they can also consult with a disability attorney in Los Angeles as they can explain the reason why your application has been rejected and what can be done in order to appeal the decision and receive the disability benefits.