Did you know that it is possible to get help with the cost of insulating your home? Well you can. It is done through what is known as the UK Warm Front Scheme and you can get up to £3,500 to help pay for draught proofing your home, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and even insulating your water tank.

You can also spend the money on a new energy efficient central heating system too, if you prefer.

Of course, there are certain criteria you must fulfil in order to quality for the payment, and Warm Front will send a company out to complete the work. You do not actually get the money in your hand, the payment goes directly to the company doing the work, and only Warm Front approved companies may be used. At the moment this scheme is only available in England and if you decide that it is a new heating system you require then the cost is covered up to £6,000.

How Do You Qualify?

Well eligibility is two-fold, both the property and the householder must meet the standard required to quality. The property must be in England and belong to you. If you are privately renting then the application must have the permission of the property owner. The house must be poorly insulated or not have a working central heating system.

For you to qualify then you must be receiving one of the following benefits. Pension credit, Employment and support allowance, Child Tax Credit, Working tax credit, Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support.

However, not all recipients of these benefits will qualify and there are some extra conditions to consider, such as those in receipt of Working Tax Credit must not be earning more than £15,860, you must have a dependent child of age 16 or less, unless they are a full time student then the age limit increases to 20.

Those getting Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support must be getting the Disable Child Premium or be getting the higher or enhanced Pensioner Premium.

There are many more conditions that must be fulfilled and as each person’s benefit package is different, if you are interested in taking part in this scheme it cannot hurt to contact them to enquire as to whether you meet their criteria.

Make a Claim

So you have found out that both you and your home meet the criteria set out and you want to make a claim. This is perhaps the easy part. You can apply online quickly and simply, or you can make a call and speak to one of the advisors to make your claim.

If you are calling in to check your eligibility you can probably start the claim process right there and then. You can also apply by post. You can download the application form and send the completed information directly to Carillion Energy Services. The address is Freepost so won’t even cost you a stamp.

Once your application is in and it is assessed to ensure it meets all the qualifying standards and engineer will then visit your home. The Warm Front surveyor will assess what works need to be completed as covered under the scheme and once that is decided an approved company will be sent to your home to complete the jobs.

After the work is complete if you find you have any problems with the equipment installed than you can contact Carillion to report the fault.


Once all the Warm Front Scheme work is completed you should find you save a lot of money on your energy bills as your home will be more insulated therefore making it much more energy efficient.