Hydrogen Peroxide for good health

With the increasing costs associated with modern medicine, a tremendous amount of people are starting to investigate natural “preventative” medicine.  It’s far less detrimental on your family budget if you’re happy and healthy.  There’s an inexpensive and highly effective health treatment that most people take for granted.  This “Ultimate $3 Health Secret” is sitting on the shelves of almost every grocery store and pharmacy in the country.  What’s the secret?  The answer is 3% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  Three dollars may be a bit of a stretch when it comes to the cost.  In most cases you will pay far less.  It has tremendous antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  Most people ignore their pale brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide until they have a cut or burn.  I hope to provide you a number of reasons to expand its use.  It can become a powerful part of your preventative health armamentarium. 

Sinusitis – Everyone at one time or another has suffered from sinusitis.  Fever, fatigue, tooth pain, headaches and bad breathe are just a few of the typical symptoms.  It’s not uncommon for sufferers have to have a greenish or yellowish discharge from their nose.  This is a strong indicator a bacterial infection.    Mix a solution of 50% water and 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Either snort the solution up the nostrils or spray the solution into the nostrils using an empty spray bottle.  The experience will be somewhat uncomfortable because the hydrogen peroxide will immediately start to work. You will feel a burning sensation and possible hear a popping sound.  Try to cleanse the nostrils with the solution twice a day. 

Athlete’s Foot / Fungal Nails – Athlete’s foot is a common dermatitis that can be very painful.  Sufferers of this condition experience red, dry, itchy skin that will often crack open and bleed.  Mix a solution of 50% water and 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Apply the solution into a spray bottle and spray evenly around your infected feet.  You can apply the solution two to three times a day.  In very little time, you will see the infection dissipate.  The fungus from Athlete’s foot can spread to the groin, palm and body.  Simply reapply the solution to the affected areas.  Do you have unsightly fungal nails or onychomycosis?  Apply non diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide to a cotton swab and thoroughly cover the infected nail (s).  Continue to treat the area until the yellowish fungal infection disappears. 

Toothache / canker sores – A nagging, aching toothache can make it nearly impossible to function throughout the day.  Toothaches often go hand in hand with infections.  Every bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide comes with a small cap (often white).  Mix one cap of hydrogen peroxide with one cap of water.  Hold the mixture in your mouth for five to ten minutes.  Try to focus on the area of pain.  The 3% hydrogen peroxide will significantly reduce the pain; reduce or eliminate gingivitis and halitosis and whiten teeth.  If you are experiencing the discomfort of a canker sore, use the same mixture for the same amount of time. 

Ear Infections / Ear Wax – Ear infections can be very uncomfortable.  They can easily be eliminated using 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Pour the hydrogen peroxide into the infected ear.  It will immediately cause bubbling within the ear.  The bubbling is caused by the bacteria reacting to the solution.  You will eliminate the infection and reduce wax buildup at the same time. 

Cuts / Skin Infections / Poison Ivy – Everyone can remember fall down as a child and having their parent tend to their wound with 3% hydrogen peroxide.  As the saying goes, “Momma knows best”.  For everyday cuts, abrasions and burns, simply apply hydrogen peroxide directly onto the wound to disinfect the area.  With regular application, the wound will soon heal.  Skin infections including poison ivy and sumac (contact dermatitis), acne and boils can be eliminated by bathing is a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.  A good rule of thumb is mixing two quarters of 3% hydrogen peroxide per 20 gallons of water.  Lay back and relax in the tub for 30 minutes or longer.  You will be surprised at the results. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle

Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle