After dealing with several issues streaming high definition, Netflix, Hulu or any other kind of video over my wireless G network, I decided to upgrade and purchase the much hyped wireless N for my home server and give that a shot.   As was the case with G, I experienced extremely slow speeds and jittery video.

So,  my last resort was the much less hyped Ethernet over Power.  Only a small handful of manufacturers have come up with solid products that are really worth anything, but the one company that has, is Netgear.

NETGEAR - Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit

NETGEAR - Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit - Model: XETB1001-100NAS

Although Wireless N does offer faster speeds according to their specs, this little ethernet over power device saw little or no degragation and easily streamed 720p and higher video from my home theater pc to my desktop in the office.  Exactly what I was looking for.

The best part of the entire product was the setup.  It's as simple as it looks.  You simply plug it in to your wall in your home and plug the second adapter to any other outlet in the same home, connect an ethernet cable, and away you go.  

There has been some reviews that state some degragation at longer distances, but speaking from a room-to-room same floor setup, this handy Netgear device is the way to go to replace your slower wireless network.  Pick it up at Amazon at or around the same price as a wireless router or access point from your local Best Buy or other Electronics store.

Many people think that this might be the way of the future going forward.  As more and more pressure is put on the industry with IPv6, the more and more we'll see products like this being rolled out.  And that's because many of our every day household items may be connected to the cloud, just like our phones and PCs are today.  If we can simply plug in our dishwashers, washers, dryers and oven into the web, we can see endless possibilities with all of the genius engineers of the web today.  Being able to see power consumption, resource use and most of all lifespan could be handy and a money saver for the future.

To sum everything up, if you're looking to replace the clutter of wired connection running across the floor, or are just looking to speed up your home office network for file sharing or video streaming, this is the way to go.  Unless you want to spend big $$$ on high end wireless equipment you can save a little dough and go with this solid product from Netgear.