The Ultimate Battle Of Treadmill Vs Elliptical

This treadmill vs elliptical battle has been going on since these cardiovascular machines were introduced to the general public; the debate of which is the better machine is nearly never-ending! The only true way to determine the winner of this treadmill vs elliptical battle is definitely to break it down into smaller sub-categories, and see which one prevails. By doing this the battle can be broken down so that a greater overview can be achieved, and ultimately a winner can more specifically be crowned. Once the scores of these sub-categories have been tallied up, the winner of the treadmill vs elliptical battle can be announced!

Treadmill Vs Elliptical On Space

The first category in this battle is on how much space the machines use; whether you have a small workout area or an entire gym to work with, using up less space is always a positive thing with cardiovascular machines. The smallest treadmill that you will be able to currently find on the market is just as big as the largest elliptical machine that you will be able to get your hands on. They are generally larger, and take up a significant amount of more space than their competitors. The gliding resistance machine takes the win in this category of the treadmill vs elliptical battle by using up less floor space.

Treadmill Vs Elliptical On Electricity Usage

Whether you are a "go green" buff or simply desire to lower your energy bill by a bit, having a machine that uses up less electricity is beneficial in many ways. The way that the machines run greatly determine how much electricity they will ultimately use. A treadmill has to spin a belt continuously in order for the individual to workout; whereas, an elliptical machine merely has to engage magnets to create resistance and allow the individual to continue to workout. The magnetic resistance cardio trainer is the winner of this category in the treadmill vs elliptical battle by using up significantly less electricity than its competitor.

Treadmill Vs Elliptical On Fat Burning

This is definitely one of a buyer's main concerns when they are trying to decide on which machine to buy; they are making the purchase because they want to eliminate fat, so this category plays a large role. Elliptical machines burn more fat than treadmills while both are running at thgeir lowest levels of intensity; however, the opposite is true when they are running at their highest level of intensity. However, a treadmill burns significantly more fat when the intensities are averaged out. The running machine dominates this category of the treadmill vs elliptical battle by allowing more fat burning to occur on average.

Treadmill Vs Elliptical On Price

The prices of these two types of machines are generally at par with each other, and the sales of them generally follow this trend. Both types of machines have lower class ones available for under $200, as well as higher class ones available for upwards of $2000. This allows this category to be deemed as a tie in the treadmill vs elliptical battle because their prices are too close together for a difference to be significant enough to deem a winner.

Treadmill Vs Elliptical On Durability

Although it is possible for absolutely any part to break on any of the machines that you may buy, no matter which type, the chances of the parts on a treadmill breaking are much higher than those of a elliptical. The main parts such as the belt motor have a higher chance of replacement than the electro-magnets that create the resistance. For the sole reason that both of these are the most expensive parts on the machines, the resistance styled machine wins this portion of the treadmill vs elliptical battle.

When the time comes that an individual is ready to purchase a cardiovascular machine, they are left with the question of treadmill vs elliptical. Although this question has been debated one too many times, this article aims to break it down into a further degree that will allow for a greater, and more accurate answer to be created. Once the winner of each category has been deemed, you can decide for yourself which of the two machines is the winner of this battle for your own specific situation of wants and needs!