Losing Weight Quickly With The Cabbage Soup Diet

Women all over the world read magazines and articles about weight loss in the hopes of finding something that they can do everyday to help them lose excess weight and manage their weight.  Every "body" is different, so one diet or weight loss plan might be good for one "body" but may not be so good for another.  One of the oldest ways to lose weight is the cabbage soup diet.  The cabbage soup diet has been repeated, changed and re-invented by so many different people that it remains fresh and almost "new." However it is a very old way to lose weight quickly.  It is not however, something that you should do everyday for a long period. However, it is a great way to jumpstart a new diet and weight loss plan.
Like Louise Gittleman's Fat Flush Soup or Dr. Oz's Turbo Diet Soup, the cabbage soup diet is a great way to lose weight quickly to either fit into that little black dress for an event or to jumpstart a new diet plan.  None of these great weight loss soups should be done for a long period.

So what's the latest in cabbage soup diets? The Ultimate Cabbage Soup DietCredit: Amazon.com

The latest in cabbage soup diets is "The Ultimate Cabbage Soup Diet," by Madeline Cooper, which is also called the "Magic Soup Diet".  Louise Gittleman's Fat Flush Soup and Dr. Oz's Turbo Diet Soup claim to help you lose weight within 3 days.  Gittleman states her Fat Flush Soup recipe will help you lose 10lbs in 3 days, while "The Ultimate Cabbage Soup Diet" claims to help you lose 10lbs in 7 days." So whichever soup you choose would depend on what ingredients you like.  If you don't like cabbage, there are other soup diet options for you to choose from.
Another "new" old cabbage soup diet is  "The New Cabbage Soup Diet," by Margaret Danbrot, also claiming to help you lose 10lbs in 7 days. 
The New Cabbage Soup DietCredit: Amazon.com
Both Cabbage soup diets have roughly the same 7 day plan.  Focus on eating mainly cabbage for 7 days in order to lose the weight you want.

Sample Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The Cabbage Soup meal plan consists of a 7-day menu that you must follow strictly in order to lose the 10lbs in 3 days. 
Day 1
The Ultimate Cabbage Soup, plus any fruit you wish to eat except bananas.
Day 2
The Ultimate Cabbage Soup, plus any vegetables, not including corn, peas or beans. You can have baked potato with butter.
Day 3
The Ultimate Cabbage Soup, plus any fruits and vegetables.
Day 4
The Ultimate Cabbage Soup, now you can add up to 6 bannanas and ulimited amounts of skim milk.
Day 5
The Ultimate Cabbage Soup, and 6 tomatoes and up to 450 grams of meat or fish or poultry.
Day 6
The Ultimate Cabbage Soup, with unlimted amounts of beef and veggies.
Day 7
The Ultimate Cabbage Soup, with pure unsweetened fruit juice, brown rice and unlimited veggies.

Absolutely No bread, alcoholic or carbonated beverages during your Ultimate Cabbage Soup diet. You can have unsweetened cranberry juice, tea or coffee and water everyday of your cabbage soup diet.

Note: You can mix up your cabbage soup recipes to add different flavors. Flavors such as Caribbean, Italian, Szechuan and Tex-Mex cabbage soup recipes can give you the  opportunity to change up the cabbage soup during the week. All can be achieved by just adding a few extra ingredients.

One Cabbage Soup Recipe

6 or 7 large green onions
2-3 large green peppers
1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)
1 bunch celery
1/2 head cabbage
1 package Onion Soup Mix
1 or 2 cubes bouillon (optional)
1 48 oz. can V8
Seasoning for taste (very little salt or other herbs, or Ms. Dash)

You can get other varieties of cabbage soup recipes from Cabbagesoupdiet.com.


Is This Approach To Weight Loss Safe?

According to MayoClinic.com, you should remember that the Cabbage Soup diet is not something you should do for a long time because it can produce large amounts of gas, contain large amounts of sodium and cannot sustain you because it doesn't encompass all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. 


  • Quick weight loss
  • Encourages eating unlimited fruit and veggies
  • Can be seasoned with herbs that promote weight gain and adds to taste
  • Has been used for many years by many, many people
  • Easy to make and simple directions to follow
  • Helps with trapped toxins and constipation
  • Promotes drinking water and healthier beverages


  • Not sufficient nutrients and calories to be a long-term diet
  • May cause excess gas
  • Too much sodium
  • May leave you wanting for other food since your diet is restricted, which may in turn cause weight gain if done for an extended period.
  • Doesn't give options for people who don't like cabbage


Whatever your reason for trying this diet plan, you must know as stated above that it is only meant to be done very short-term. In fact, any "soup" diet is meant to only be a short-term solution in order to lose weight quickly or to cleanse the body and get it ready for a new weight loss or new diet plan.  Never go on any soup diet for an extended period. Although you may lose weight because the amount of calories you ingest have decreased, you may also cause damage because you are not getting all the nutrients required to remain healthy. If you don't like cabbage, as stated above, there are other options in soups that will allow you to lose weight fast in order to attend an event or jumpstart a new weight loss program.  Some other quick weight loss soups include:

  1. Louise Gittleman's Fat Flush Soup
  2. Dr. Oz's Turbo Diet Soup

You can also check for great diet plans to start after you have finished your cabbage soup diet. For a comprehensive article about great diet plans and diet books-PRESS HERE.

Other books on different recipes for this diet plan

Capital Cabbages: The Ultimate Collection of the World's Finest Cabbage Recipes available on Kindle and in book form from Amazon.

Capital Cabbages: The Ultimate Collection of the World's Finest Cabbage RecipesCredit: Amazon.com

Gives you different recipes that you can play with to find out which soup works for you.

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