Retro Sneaker Style Meets Slip-on Comfort

Imagine your feet being massaged in an elegant and ultra-comfortable spa – only the spa is a leather shoe.  Imagine each step you take feeling like your arch is slowly and gently sinking into soft, wet sand.  This fantasy is a delightful reality thanks to the Sanuk Boardroom.   Classy, unpretentious, relaxed, comfortable, eco-friendly.  These are all adjectives that perfectly describe the Boardroom.  Sanuk products have been twice recognized at the SIMA Image Awards as the 2007 and 2010 Footwear Product of the Year.  Sanuk, a company known for making retro surfer-style sandals and slip-on shoes, hit a home run with the Boardroom design.  

First, the Boardroom is unbelievably fashion-flexible.  Its handmade premium soft Napa leather casing gives the shoe a classic dress-shoe appearance.  The premium leather allows the shoe to be worn in a business setting with khakis or slacks.  The unparalleled level of comfort that the shoe offers makes it perfect for the business setting.  If this is not enough, the shoe has a super soft molded footbed featuring an AEGIS antimicrobial additive.  This makes daily shuttles between your office and the meeting room feel like you are floating on a cloud of marshmellows.   If its leather appearance gives it a classy business feel, its retro slip-on look also give it a relaxed, chill look.  With a pair of jeans or relaxed canvas pants, the Sanuk Boardrooms are perfect for rolling around town or the neighborhood.

Second, the Sanuk boardroom is an unbelievable shoe for the traveling kind.  Its ability to be dressed-up as well as down makes the Boardroom great for traveling light.  Furthermore, the Sanuk is extremely pliable thanks to its bendable rubber U outsole.  The shoe can easily be folded or bent into a small carry-on.  Another great feature of the shoe is its hidden stash pocket located on the inside of the shoe.  This is a great place for stuffing some emergency cash or credit cards, especially If you are traveling in a rugged location.  Lastly, small vents in the arch of the shoe allow your feet to breathe during long periods of wear, such as on a plane or in a series of meetings.

Lastly, the Sanuk is an eco-friendly solution to the demands of today’s fast-paced business environment.  Sanuk leads the industry by using innovative and recycled materials in its footwear such as yoga mat and indoor-outdoor carpet.  Additionally, Sanuk has been widely recognized for its eco-friendly production processes.  However, unlike many  other eco-friendly shoes, the Boardroom can easily be worn in a business atmosphere.  I highly recommend trying the Sanuk boardrooms – a comfortable, fashionably flexible, and eco-friendly shoe.

Sanuk - Maker of fantastic eco-friendly shoes