drinking water

You didn't click on this page to listen to more people touting the benefits of drinking water. You know this already and I'm preaching to the choir. Water is essential to life. Water in many ways IS life, especially since most of our body is made up of water; it's in our cells and in our blood. It's ubiquitous because it's essential to so many biological transactions with our body. Just ask someone who goes without water for a few days and you'll realize how water and humans are intertwined.

So we already know we have to drink water, but how do we drink more? Or in the very least, how do we ensure that we keep drinking a steady amount throughout the day.

A Matter of Taste

One of the best (and newest) ways in water bottle design is to naturally infuse flavour your water. This process woudl be through the use of a water infuser.

It's seems rather simple because it's essentially just fruit mixed with your drinking water, but I find that this is the most passive ways to include fruits in our diets will increasing our chances of drinking more water because it's much more delicious !!  Right now, everywhere you look, the latest fad in water bottle designs is all about carbon filtering and other physical design features that ones necessarily need. Those features don't improve how much you consume. What makes you consume more water, is when you can improve the taste of the water to make the liquid itself more enjoyable.

Easy to Use Fruit Infuser Drinking Bottle

This is the dummie's guide to how to use the fruit infuser.  It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Wash your fruit.

Tip: What I would choose citrus fruit as a base and then add some other fruit of your choice. I would say 2/3 citrus and 1/3 something else.

Step 2: Place fruit in water infuser basket.

Step 3: Fill water infuser with water of your choice.

Tip: If you enjoy carbonated water (as I do), I would strongly suggest you do this. Most people probably won't have this readily available at their work or when they are out, but this is the best way to make your drinks way more enjoyable.

Here is Dr. Oz and his guest and his demonstration of just how easy it is to use it!!!

Less Hassle, More Nutrients and Less Artifical Sugars

The last and perhaps greatest benefit of all is that you can enjoy a flavored drink without all the artificial sugars that are added to bottled drinks. Most store bought drinks are loaded with so much unnecessary sugar.

I would encourage you to give this portable, lightweight fruit water infuser a try. I would continue to provide top notch reviews and more of my tips on the products that can bring your health and wealth!