In this particular golf swing transition drill you will learn a way to successfully execute a downswing by using the left knee. Utilizing the knee to force your body through the downswing is key to getting the optimal line and a lot more power on your golf shots.

To obtain the accuracy and precision, and then to acquire the strength behind your golf swing, it's key you shift your weight onto your left side (right side for lefties) within your transition (at the time in which you shift from the backswing in to the downswing).

The shifting in the left knee from your downswing moves the arc of the swing plane forward and enables you to strike down in to the golf ball, which therefore creates additional length within both your drives and also your iron shots. It is easy to perfect this weight transference any time you start your downswing well.

How we Will Start the Downswing

The transition from your golf backswing in to the downswing is the central phase of the golf swing technique. Get this wrong and then chances are you will wreck your swing. This transitional phase for the swing tends to be that important; many training videos, articles, and lessons have already been designed to target the movement. You might have got word of several of the methods, for instance , starting the downswing aided by the arms or perhaps the hips a lot of PGA professionals rely on. However, starting with the left knee is amongst the more popular techniques in the golf swing transition. Below you'll find a transition drill that can make it easier to start your golf swing the right way.

Just how the Pro's Do Things

For the majority of golfers you will note a momentary pause at the moment between your backswing and downswing as the golf swing changes direction. From this temporary stop, a number of people propose that paying attention to moving from the left knee is in all likelihood the ideal strategy. Should you watch a pro golfer on video, you will see the way in which his/her left knee will come away from the right knee as his or her weight begins to go forward. To really get a better feel for this crucial movement for the transition for the golf swing, follow this popular drill.

The Golf Swing Transition Drill

In order to better understand exactly how you move your left knee during this phase, enter into your regular golfing pose (golf wedge at your fingertips), grab yourself a football (soccer) and place that in between both your knees. At this moment have a shot at a couple practice swings and concentrate on clutching the soccer ball with each of your knees through the entire backswing. Then at the start of the downswing drive your left knee at the specific target superseded after that by the rest of your body. That should create the space between your knees while the football ought drop to the floor.

This valuable action (often known as the golf swing lag) allows the lower element of your body to start the downswing, which inturn makes a lot of power and also sets your golf club in the perfect swing plane.

It should feel unfamiliar at the start however , keep practicing this transition drill until eventually you have perfected it. After you feel comfortable then begin to whack a few golf balls with no guidance from the football. Start with one of the smaller irons, preferably a 7. After you get the belief with this you can proceed on to which ever club you prefer.

Perfecting this portion of the golf swing definitely can get you striking longer and much more continuously.