Studies have shown that passive income is the best way to earn money and eat pizza at the same time. In fact, passive income means you can call up that hot chick from work, go wild driving and play basketball in the garden yet still earn money!

Feel like earning money whilst having a beer? Then read on!

The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income

Step One

Passive is really just another word for being Lazy, but contrary to belief, being lazy is actually very hard. Passive income won't work for everyone, so here's a break down of what the average passive income earner is made up of:

lazy (16989)

Your average person with a passive income.

Admittedly, there have been people who were both proactive and still earning passively. However these people work far too hard for too little reward. Why not just kick back and let the money come to you? This is what makes up a winning passive income.

If you are struggling to become a passive individual, try some quality P-Shakes

pure passive (16988)

Step Two

Pick your favorite topic, keeping in mind you should only pick ones which sell the most. For those of you knew to passive income, here are some key suggestions.

  1. Money
  2. Money
  3. Money
  4. Baskets of Kittens

Notice a pattern? The only articles which make you money are articles about money. I did a quick study on how many articles on money are being written on Infobarrel. Overnight, an astonishing 106 articles were written on Making Money. Don't fall behind, make sure you are making your contribution to the limitless stash of passive income articles!

Alternatively, write about adorable cute kittens. No one can resist them.

Step Three

Tell everyone about your blog / Article / insert-website-here. It doesn't take a lot of effort, plus if you tell them it's about money (or kittens) they're bound to check your work out.

List of possible targets:

  • Grandmothers
  • Next door neighbors
  • Your children
  • Your wife
  • Person-at-the-cashier
  • Passerby's during Traffic

Step Four

Make sure that at least 90% of your blog and website is filled to the brim with advertisements. Now many people will tell you, 'less is more', and that customers are more likely to ignore your website with too many ads. But the truth is, customers will usually click on the first thing they find useful. Why only put one ad on your page, when you can have ten times more?

ads (16992)

Powerful Advertising.

90% Advertisements

10% Quality Information.

Who said that more blogging was better? People who write often try to fill the page up with 500+ words, but most of the time these words are wasted space. Delete all the junk and condense your information into a tiny block, so that your visitor can find out what they want without having to read for ages!

Not convinced?

With a page full of screaming adverts, they're bound to click one of them out of curiosity. Did you know that the average internet surfer are too lazy to navigate away from your page? The more adverts between the mouse and the back button, the better!

"Starfly, you're not serious about all this, are you?"


As an article writer, I earn roughly 100$ a week just by sitting back with a cold beer and watching the dollars roll in. The only item which does not currently exist is the Passive Shake - hopefully someone will invent it one day. I could do with a glass right now!