How To Be The Top Infobarrel Writer

Learn From The Best

The ultimate Infobarrel publishing guide is something that I have wanted to write for a long time. It seemed like there were never enough minutes in the day because of my job, but finally I decided to give it a shot.

My pen name on infobarrel is onenewvoice and I have written here a little under a year now. I am making around $500 a month from infobarrel, Amazon, revenue sharing sites (Article from Geargirl113) and I wanted to share the "Gold" with all of you. Not the money unfortunately, but the real gold. The nuggets of information that have guided me to bigger profits.

The best part is, infobarrel is full of people who are making tons of money. After studying there methods and applying them, my numbers keep going up. So, I decided to give to you what I have learned from trial and error as well as all the wonderful information that people here on this site have provided.

Let's get to it!

The first thing you want to do is sign up to be a member of Infobarrel. It is super easy and if you click on the sign up link above, admin has a nice mini article about what to do.

          *  Fill out sign up form

          *  Complete your profile page

          *  Sign up for Google Adsense and then add your publisher ID.

          *  Add Amazon affiliate link and Chitika codes.

If you need to find out more information on signing up for Google Adsense,  check out that article by AuroraWindsor.

Infobarrel also runs Chitika ads. I didn't know anything about Chitika before I came here so if you are like me, Travis Aitch has a great article on Chitika 101 to help you through it.

Signing up for Amazon was a little tricky. Here are some pictures of what you will find on the first two pages of Amazon Associates when you go to sign up. Click the "Join Now for Free" button and it will take you to the next page.


There are two more parts that come after you hit the "I am a new customer" on the page above. Right after that, you will be sent to a page to fill out account information. There is a 3 step process that is super easy so don't worry.



When you finish filling out the account information, you will be sent to the Amazon associates page where you will get a tracking ID. This is the ID you put into your "Advertising Slots" on your advertisement profile. That is a good article by Dr_E.

Infobarrel will send you an email to confirm your address. Once you click on the link, and it is confirmed by infobarrel, you can to start writing.

First 10 Articles

When you first start to write on infobarrel, there is an approval process that everyone has to go through. The first 10 articles for approval you write have to be approved by a human in order for them to be posted. It takes a few days.

         *  Write articles

         *  Human reviews them

         *  Articles are published

         *  Instant approval after 10 articles

The best part of this whole process is the infobarrel staff. They really work hard to get your material read quickly and published.

Checklist for Publishing Articles

There is a bit of different steps involved in publishing your first article. Here are a few parts of the publishing process.

Infobarrel Checklist

Because there are so many choices, it helps to have an article publishing checklist to make your life go a lot smoother.

  • Category (x3xs0lxdier3x)- Choose the right category for your article; use the search button
  • Signature - You can add a signature to your articles with a link
  • Summary - This is where you summarize in a few sentences what your article is about.
  • Tags - Put your keywords into this box. Make sure you do not put more than 5.
  • Amazon Links - Choose the link category that best fits your article. Amazon will do the rest.
  • Write - Below the Amazon links, there is the text box for your article.

When you are first starting out, take your time. Learn all you can from the process.

What should you write about

Starting out on infobarrel can be disorienting. So much content and so many things to write about. The problem is, what DO you write about with all those options? 

AuroraWindsor wrote the article above that I linked to and I really like it because I use a lot of these techniques myself.

  1. Categories - Look at the categories on infobarrel and choose one to write about
  2. Forums - Check out the forums and see if any topics peak your interest
  3. Editorial Calendar - I love this one. Infobarrel gives you exactly what they are looking for so why not pick a few that you know about.

But some of the best advice I ever got is to write what you know. No matter how obscure it is, write about what you are passionate about. It will make your life easier.

If you have been around for a while, you know that "writer's block" (impact) is a four letter word. I like what impact talks about in this article. Nothing is worse than wanted to add article to your account and not having one clue what to write. 

One thing that has really helped me is the editorial calendar here at infobarrel. When I am having a rough time coming up with something to write about, I just look there and pick a topic.

How to write an article

Writing an article can be done a bunch of ways. But one thing is essential, have a plan. Having a plan will keep you focuses and on track.

Sookie, who is a writer here that has been featured by infobarrel many times and makes a nice amount of money, wrote an about how to write an article.

        *  Pick Topic

        *  Keyword Research

        *  Put a plan together

        *  Use article Structure

        *  Write a rough draft

        *  Make sure it is optimized

        *  Hit the publish button

This list should help you come up with your article.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a big topic and I could write about it for 10 more articles. But there are some people who really know what they are talking about.

Keywords are words or phrases that people search for on a daily basis. There are certain words that people search for.  The better we can find out what words or phrases people are searching for, the better we can write our articles so those people find us and not someone else.

There is a tool that I use that makes this process extremely easy. I could explain it, but this video does such a good job. This is from He is talking about creating niche sites but don't worry about that. Just check out the tool he uses.

Market Samurai


If you want to get a free trial of Market Samurai, just click here. This is an affiliate link so I do make a little if you sign up. I can say that I use this product and I would not recommend it if I didn't believe in it. Also, it is free from the first 2 weeks. You don't have to add any credit card numbers so there is no commitment besides your email.

Article Structure

Now that you have all of your information, how do you write it down? Article structure by Ernie on the internet is a bit different from writing paragraphs and such.

If you want to write articles on the internet, you need to write them so the people who read them can browse over them quickly and get the general content without having to sit down and read for 30 minutes.

  • Subtitles
  • Bold type fonts
  • Different colors in article
  • Lists
  • Pictures
  • Video

The reason we do this is we want our articles to go viral. Viral is a term that people use to describe an article that has become well-known quickly and is viewed at an extreme pace. This article by Ryan is a real good look at all these things I said above. He gives examples, pictures, guides, etc.

Also, a great article to check out is jcmayer777's November earnings report. Even though it is an earnings report, it gives a good idea of what you can earn and there is some great information in that article.

Backlinking your articles

After you publish your article, you may wonder how people are going to find it. What is the likelihood that you article will be found among the billions of article on the web?

The answer is, they probably won't. In order for people to find your information, they need a way to get to it. They need a path from what they are looking at to what you are offering them.

That is where backlinks come in.

Traffic 1

As you see in the picture I quickly made, your URL link goes on another website. Traffic comes to that website and see's your link. They click on your link and it takes them to your article.

That is how backlinking works in a nutshell. It is very easy. The challenge than is how to get your links on those other websites. There are many tools and this is one that I use. It is called Unique Article Wizard.

Check out this video!

Unique Article Wizard

Smart Passive Income Tutorial

Unique Article Wizard

This is the last part of my strategy. This helps you climb to the top of google with next to no effort at all. Unique Article Wizard is great for creating backlinks. Again, this is an affiliate link and I do use this tool almost every day.

Social Media

Everyone has heard of Twitter and Facebook. These are great social connection sites that you can put your article information on so others can find you.

There are other sites that are known as social bookmarking sites. Hana Omori wrote a great article on social bookmarking and how to use it to get more page views.

Sites such as:

       *  Twitter

       *  Facebook

       *  Stumbleupon

       *  Digg

       *  Google publicity

       *  Xomba

There are many more where that came from. These sites are great for submitting your articles to in order for people to view them. Some of these sites even offer you a share of the profit from revenue.

But the real use of these sites is they bookmark your site and you get a backlink out of them. Just don't spam these sites with your content or they will ban you. Trust me I know.

How to get 10 article views right after you publish every time

Now it is time to put my money where my mouth is. I have a 75% rate of getting 10 views every time and a %100 percent rate of getting 7 views. It may not seem like a lot, but it gets your article started off really quickly.

Follow these steps to the letter:

  1. Publish Article
  2. Submit article to twitter (Great article on how to use twitter by JASmith)
  3. Submit article to Facebook (This is interchangeable with twitter because now there is a link at the bottom of the page when you publish your article)
  4. Submit article to
  5. Submit article to
  6. Submit article to Google publicity

If you do these 6 things you will have a %75 chance of getting 10 views and possibly a lot more. And, you have a %100 chance of getting 7 or more views.

The best thing about inforbarrel now is that you don't even have to leave your article to submit to these sites. Check out this forum thread by admin. It talks about the new side bar on each page.

Post your comments and please leave your article view results.

What now

I hope that this article helped and will continue to help many more infobarrel writers to come. Please bookmark this site and use it as a reference when ever you need it.

Please share it with your friends here on infobarrel and use it as a recruiting tool for your referrals.

** Last Tip **

Out of all the articles I have ever written, the articles that I have spent 8 or more hours on always do the best. I know you may be thinking that 8 hours is a long time but trust me, it make all the difference in the world.

Write "Epic". Go big and go for broke. Edit your tail off. Make sure your article flows. Have pictures, titles, videos, and plenty of links in it. This article has many links to infobarrel people and I wanted it that way, because there are so many great ones.

Give information away for free. People will respond and follow. Above all, have a good time. Make sure your article is interesting to you. If it is not, no one else will find it fun to read.

I wish you the best and happy writing!