Choosing toys for children can be tricky, especially with marketers doing such a good job to entice kids and manipulate parents to buy their product. One thing to keep in mind when looking at a toy is the learning aspect and how your child is going to benefit. Ask yourself what they going to get out of it?

The Lego Ultimate Building Set is a fine example of how your child can build up on various skills. It is a good alternative to toy guns and action figures, anyone can tell you that. One thing that you will like about Lego is that your child would not need to go out to build the blocks. Even during bad weather, your child can still have fun inside the house.

LEGO Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box #5508 (704 pieces)
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(price as of Aug 28, 2015)
Who would have thought a small box like this could actually contain as many as 700 elements. However, some will say that this is the best way to encourage creativity in your child. It includes windows, wheels and doors. This is perfect for kids over 3 years old.
LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166)
Amazon Price: $122.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 28, 2015)
This set contains 400 pieces for kids who are over 3 years old.

Product Features

The Ultimate LEGO Building Set is a tub full of assorted blocks and elements that includes wheels, windows, doors and mini figurines. A set contains instructions to build 5 models and a picture reference for 25 more designs. For easy clean-up, the tub design is updated. It also comes with a transparent lid so that children can see the bricks even if the lid is closed. The set contains 405 pieces.

The Lego Ultimate Building is perfect for children who are already big and smart enough to play Duplo. With 405 pieces, children will be able to bring their engineering and imagination skills to a whole new level. The pieces in the ultimate building set are larger than the normal Lego blocks which make it perfect as an introductory chapter to the Lego building world.

To help your child get started, you may assist with reading the instructions for building the default models. Your child will be able to build a car, a dog, a house and a helicopter. The things that the Lego Ultimate building can do will only be limited to the child's imagination and persistence. Furthermore, Lego made sure that your child will not outgrow the set because all blocks are compatible with other sets. This way, your child will still have lots of fun in the future.

The only drawback of the Lego Ultimate Building, particularly its model instructions is that it could be too complicated for small children. Also, do not give the set to smaller children because the set is a choking hazard or at least do not get your eyes off them to ensure their safety while playing.

Benefits of Playing Lego

It is obvious that playing Lego, like playing generic building blocks, brings a myriad of benefits. First, building Lego blocks develops spatial intelligence. Children will become aware about shapes, patterns and proportions. As children build the pieces, their mind is reasoning about which bricks will fit the other block best. They think about how many blocks are needed and how large or small their creation must be.

playing with lego

Lego bricks can teach division and fraction to children too. There are whole bricks and quarter bricks that subliminally teach the children how to divide. Moreover, as their creations get bigger, they begin to learn balance, dimensions and support. In simpler words, they learn about physics.

Playing the Lego Ultimate Building develops the children's fine motor skills. Those that require the movement of small muscles are fine motor skills. This is extremely important, especially during early development, and it is something that is encouraged before going to school As children build the block, they develop strong coordination between the little muscles in their hands and fingers.

Building Lego blocks also develops the children's ability to follow instructions. Most Lego sets include step by step instructions to build a model. The success of the children in building a model will be assured by their capability to follow directions correctly.

Of course, we should not forget that children can reinforce their thinking abilities. When playing with Lego Ultimate Building, children would have to think about the right blocks to combine with another. Sometimes, they would need to use the trial and error approach in order to successfully build the image in their mind. Building the blocks require planning, even if the piece is as simple as a square house. Therefore, children must organize their thought to bring out the images in their mind. This also requires a great deal of patience because one has to try a number of different ways to get to the ultimate goal. For a child that does not have that much patience or one that has to build up on any of these qualities, then playing with lego will definitley build up on these skills.

Last but not the least, the Lego building set enhances the creativity of children. If they are done with the instructional kit, they can literally toss it away and entirely depend on their imagination to build their model. Free playing allows the children to think outside the boundaries and let them dream about unlimited possibilities. It is definitely an alternative to putting them in front of the televison or sticking a DVD in. Kids will soon become engrossed in what they are doing, and will forget about their favorite cartoon - for the moment, anyway.

The Ultimate Lego Set is the first choice because of the benefits that it brings. Although there is a little drawback caused by the instructions and the choking hazard, it is not enough and I would say that the pros definitely outweight the cons.