The most common gifts we get for moms are flowers. In fact, Mother's Day is the single most profitable day for flower nurseries, making almost 25% of the year's profit. But what can you do this year for your mom that is creative, thoughtful, loving, and free?

Here's what my family did for my mother-in-law: We created a video of her 4 month old grandson writing a poem for her. Below is a step=by-step guide on doing this yourself. It doesn't take much more than 1 hour of your time to prep the gift.


  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Laptop
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (you should have some working knowledge of how to use this program)
  • Grandson/granddaughter
  • Baby Chair


1. Create a slideshow on your computer: You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to do this. Each slide should have one phrase that your child is 'thinking.' Here's the script for the slideshow we created:

  • "Hi Grandma!
  • It's Spencer!
  • I miss you so much (she lives across the country)
  • I wanted to give you a special GrandMother's Day gift
  • So I wrote you a poem
  • I hope you like it!
  • I used your name to spell it G-R-A-N-D-M-A
  • G is for how GOOD your kisses feel
  • R is for how much I love to READ your books
  • A is for how AWESOME you are
  • N is for now NICE you smell
  • D is for how DARN lukcy I am to have you in my life
  • M is for how MUCH I love you
  • A is for all the sweet thoughts I'm sending you
  • Happy GrandMother's Day!

2. Play the slideshow and record timings so that you can record the presentation without having to push the 'next' key on your computer.

3. Set up your digital video camera to record the slide and your baby.

4. Create a nice background for the video. We used a painting in the background of our video.

5. Put your baby in the baby chair. We used a bumbo chair. Your baby should be in a good mood during the time of day that you decide to film.

6. Have some background music playing when you film the video.

7. Have a partner stand behind the camera to entertain the baby so that the baby looks towards the camera.

8. Record the video.

9. Upload the video to Youtube.

10. On Mother's Day, send the video to grandma (who hopefully receives email).

I hope you enjoyed this Mother's Day gift idea!