Love is one of the greatest things we as human beings have. We often take love for granted, but if you have even suddenly been dumped or divorced by your spouse then you know how it can feel to be rejected. Think back to the time when you were rejected by your lover and left by the wayside. Did it feel good? Hell no it did not feel good. This is the time period when you may turn to drugs, alcohol, violence, or god forbid, suicide.

Think about those times when you were left seemingly alone in the World. How did it feel? Did you feel like listening to Tupac singing “Gotta Keep Your Head up?” No you felt like you were the only person that fully understood the emotions of what you were going through.



When you are in this position you get tired of having people tell you that “things will get better, even if it doesn’t seem that way now”. They may also tell you the infamous saying “I know how you feel”. Yeah you might know how the person feels but at that moment in time during their history there is nothing but heartfelt pain. Pain coming from all avenues. Pan from rejection. Pain from wondering what you did wrong. Pain for your children that are affected by the behavior of your former partner. And when you think you are finally ready to enter the dating game again you realize that the dating process is painful and you are pained to think that you have to start the process all over again.

If you have ever been in the position of feeling this pain of a relationship ending and you have now since recovered then it is vital that you think of this. Everyday there are children starving in the World and have parents that reject their Children. That pain you felt after you relationship ended is nothing when you think about the pain of being a child who has been rejected by their parents, beat by their parents, starved by their parents, and even worse.

Take that love you know and share it. You and your family can help out children in this position by donating money, volunteering time, and even adoption. Adoption is a big step but there are numerous ways you can help. Here in the United States alone there are countless cases of child abuse and child neglect. If you have ever felt the pain of rejection then multiple that by 100 and that is what some of these children are feeling. Stand up and help put however you can. If you don’t help to protect innocent children from the hatred of evil parenting then nobody else will either.