Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook Review

The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook has been publicized as a start to finish rice cooker culinary experience with 250 recipes for a variety of rice dishes, soups, porridges, puddings and much more. Each recipe has been written for ease of preparation and all demonstrate the versatility of the rice cooker.  The latest edition has just been updated for 2012.

Authors Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann have showcased a number of easy to prepare recipes for cooking in a rice cooker. Hensperger is well known for her cookbooks on bread and Kaufmann is the food editor for the San Jose Mercury News. Both authors are well known for their thoroughness in presentation. The information provided in the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook covers not only rice cooker recipes; it’s a comprehensive guide to using your cooker as well. You can easily learn more from this recipe book than you could possibly learn from your rice cooker user manual that accompanies your cooker.  You'll definitely be learning many new ways to use your rice cooker.

Ultimate Rice Cooker CookbookIn today’s fast paced, hectic lifestyle, a rice cooker should no longer considered another kitchen appliance for just occasional use, but one of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen. It is both easy to use and convenient, especially models that come with computerized fuzzy logic technology. All you need to do is press a button on the user-friendly panel and the cooker does the rest.

Rice cooker models continue to become sleeker in appearance, occupy less counter space, blend well with most any type of kitchen decor and make cleaning almost fun. With a trusty rice steamer on hand, it is possible to make far more than just perfectly cooked rice. With the help of the recipes in the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook, you can make a wide variety of dishes from Thai Curried Rice to Turkey Chilli and more.

As one cookbook reviewer puts it, she bought one of the best rice cooker brands and then  bought several cook books, but the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook soon became a source of favourite rice cooker recipes for the entire family. The reason is attributed to the fact that the recipes are timesaving, easy to understand and healthy. Rice cooker recipes run the gamut from simple white rice to full meals. The cookbook shows the humble rice cooker in a brand new light – surprisingly resourceful for whipping up everything from entrees and soups to dessert.

For those of us not well versed in buying and cooking rice, (and there are many different varieties of rice available), the cookbook makes a handy guide. You will soon learn about buying and cooking the different rice varieties and other grains like amaranth, barley and quinoa as well.

How would you like to surprise your family with perfectly cooked Italian risotto or a Spanish paella? Everything is possible with the amazingly versatile rice cooker! Try the hot fruited oatmeal for breakfast or one of the other cereal or porridge dishes. Serve a delicious steamed ginger salmon and asparagus in black bean sauce for dinner with poached pears topped with Grand Mariner sauce to round out the meal. Your family will love you!

An excellent buy and a great tool to have in any kitchen, the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook provides instruction on cooking different types of rice including sushi, risotto, paella and more. You will learn to steam vegetables, prepare main courses, tamales, dim sum, breakfast cereals, porridges, beans, legumes and a decent assortment of desserts.

If you shop online, you can receive free shipping on the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook on Amazon.  It’s a terrific value and is sure to become one of the cookbooks you rely on the most. 

With Christmas just around the corner, a copy of the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook would also make a great gift for friends and family.