Exercise for Surfing

Do you want to get in better shape or improve your surf sessions? Try this surfer workout.

When you are into surfing you will need your mental and physical focus to be in harmony. This intense exercise requires you to develop the stamina, strength and balance in order to effectively ride through the waves.

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To be a great or successful surfer, there is a surfer workout that you need to incorporate into your system. This workout program is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic routines. These basic routines are done alternatively the main purpose of which is strengthening the muscles in order to battle with the force of the waves during surfing.

In selecting or choosing for a workout program, it is better to assimilate the following components:balance and core strength, upper and lower body strength and flexibility through stretching. Each component needs to be toughened in order for the body to ward off injury while doing the surfing.

Basic core exercises are done with the following routine: (1) squat, (2) plank, (3) squat thrusts, (4) ball push ups, (5) one leg squat, (6) side plank, (7) back extensions, (8) ball twist, (9) vertical jumps, and (10) lateral jumps. This combination is a great or best way to build body strength, balance and endurance.

For the upper body workout, the following routine is recommended:
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1. For the chest: decline bench press, flies, bench press, pushups and incline bench press, dips, and pushups

2. For the back: straight arm pull down, wide-grip seated rows, wide grip pull ups, close grip pushups, close-grip seated rows, reverse underhand pull downs, bent over rows and wide grip pull downs.

3. For the shoulders: posterior deltoid raises, internal-rotation at 90 degrees, lateral deltoid raises, front deltoid raises, upright-row to external rotation at 90 degrees and military press (internal rotation).

4. For the arms: bicep-curl (supinated grip), tricep-push downs, barbell-wide grip curl, tricep kick backs, underhand close-grip pull ups, bicep curl (neutral grip), skull crushers, close-grip bench press, dips, reverse grip push downs, bicep-curl (pronated grip), preacher curls, barbell-close grip curl and rope push downs.

For the lower body, this combination is recommended: leg curls, front squat, lateral lunge, leg extensions, reverse cross over lunge, reverse squat, front lunge, leg presses, front cross over lunge hip extensions and reverse lunge.

For the stretching routines there are numerous or lots of combinations you can do. There are the head rolls, lower back and hip stretch, quads stretch, sitting down body twist, sitting down back arch, arm stretch and body twist.

Another superb or great surfer workout that you could try is the following:

(1) 100 jump ropes, (2) 100 jumping jacks, (3) 30 pushups, (4) 30 sit ups, (5) 15 step ups, (6) 10 burpies, and (7)1/4 - mile run.

All these routines and exercises are the common routine in surfer workout to protect surfers against possible injury. They are the best in building a strong foundation for your entire body's muscular system. With the habit of also eating fresh and healthy foods, the exercises are not only good for the muscle but also best for the head. Your mental ability is also enhanced when you engage into the surfer workout program.